I had forgotten today was Good Friday until a friend texted wishing us a happy Good Friday. I was thinking “That’s nice of her…wishing us a nice Friday” Then it hit me “Oh!!! She means the actual Good Friday…yeah, I guess Good Friday is today isn’t it?!” 🙂

So yes, today was Good Friday…but it also was a good Friday! 🙂 Here’s just a couple reasons why!

Smiles from this incredibly, adorable, handsome little guy that we get  to babysit…





Man! We had so much fun with him today, getting him to laugh, smile…and he rolled over! A recent new trick of his. 😉

And to end the day…we went out and got frozen custard!!! Pure yummieness…that is, if you get the right flavor! 🙂


~Cassia 🙂





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Yep, today was a Good Friday!

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