The Pinterest bug has bit!  We heard about it awhile ago and thought, “Well, that’s nice” and didn’t  think about it much again 😀


Then I was taking a mini e-course on social media from Handmadeology and he recommended that you get an account in several social media and social bookmarking sites so that you could play around with each of them and learn how they work.   So I signed up for StumbleUpon, Kaboodle, Digg, Twitter….and Pinterest!  I’ve decided pretty much that StumbleUpon, Kaboodle, and Digg are not my thing.  They don’t really interest me at all.  We might do Twitter for our Etsy shop…but not sure yet.  We’re still just trying to figure out Facebook 😀


But Pinterest is a different story!  We have to fight this most ‘pinteresting’ addiction 😀

In the first couple of days, between 6 of us girls pinning things left and right, we had more than 600 pins!!!  We are now up to 850 pins, and we signed up only about a week ago.  Can you tell we’re addicted???  Thankfully it has tapered off some and we aren’t spending every spare moment ‘pinning’–which is a really good thing–the goats don’t care that you found some cute pictures of their relatives, they just want milked…

and suppers don’t make themselves when you find new recipes to ‘pin’,

not to mention the fact that even though you pin beautiful pictures of beautiful laundry on a beautiful day, you’re laundry still needs carried out to your own clothesline 😀



Now, before you go signing up for Pinterest, you must be warned…you will suddenly be following people you don’t even know, maybe a few you do know, and usually nobody you want to be following 😀  I signed up, selected my ‘interests’, and realized we were following 10 people I had never heard of before in my life.  And their style was not mine nor my sisters’ style.  Not at all.

So I thought, I’ll fix that, I’ll go to their little profiles and click the gray button that says ‘following’ and that will ‘unfollow’ me.  It’s a little alarming when the gray button turns red and says ‘FOLLOW ALL’ 😯  What did I do?!  Am I following all their friends now, too???

And why am I now following 47 people?!  MORE people I don’t know!  I’m starting to panic now, thinking that clicking that gray button wasn’t a good idea after all.  Eventually I was following 60-something people and I didn’t know a one of them.  I went to Pinterest Help, which was no help at all…they just said, “You can unfollow boards and users at any time: they will not be notified.”  Well,  I am relieved to know that they won’t be notified when I stop following them, but I’m more worried about the fact that all of these people have already been notified that ‘Seven Farmgirls’ are following them…does that sound a little strange to you???   I begged Mommy to ask her all-knowing T-Tapper friends (they know everything over there on that forum!  or at least there’s always someone who knows something to answer your question!)  and discovered through them as well as through my internet searches, that this was a common problem.

At first I typed in ‘how to unfollow people on Pinterest‘.  Then I erased that and wrote, ‘how do I stop following people on Pinterest’. Silly me!  ‘Unfollow’ is not a word.


Then I discovered that in the Pinterest world ‘unfollow’ IS a word.

A day or so later, I found out that one of my friends was also on Pinterest, so I sent her a HELP ME email 😀

So for any other poor soul out there, searching how to ‘unfollow’ on Pinterest, here’s how, and here’s why you were suddenly following lots of people without knowing why.

1. to ‘unfollow’ all the unknown people, go to your profile in the right hand corner…it looks like this…ours says ‘Seven’ since we signed up as ‘Seven Farmgirls’…it’ll probably be your first name.



Click on your profile (where it says your first name), and you’ll see that you have so many Followers and how many you are Following.


Click on the ‘Following’, then  you will see a long list of all the people you are trying not to follow, and you will see grayed out buttons that look like this:



Click on them…then they will turn red like this:


Don’t be alarmed by the red…’follow all’ doesn’t mean you’re following all of their friends, like I first thought. It means that if you click on that button, you will be following all of their ‘boards’.  If it’s red, you’re not following them OR if you see this red button underneath one of their ‘boards’, you aren’t following that board.

You  have the option to only follow the boards you like from a certain person.  So if race cars aren’t your thing, you don’t have to see updates every time they pin a new race car to their board 😀

2. The reason you were suddenly following lots of people you may or may not know is because of one of two reasons…you selected your ‘interests’ when you signed up, or you signed up with your Facebook account.  They will automatically add your friends from Facebook, or, as in our case, all the people who had our interests, as people you are ‘following’ 😀

So don’t put any ‘interests’ in if you sign up!

3. Most importantly, beware…Pinterest is terribly addicting…side effects include (but are not limited to) zoning out, dirty dishes, unfolded laundry, going bug-eyed, bursting goat udders, unpracticed instruments, grass ten feet tall in the front yard, p.b.j for breakfast, lunch and supper, unmade beds, unswept floors, dinosaur attacks, etc.

Consult with your local physician if you have any of these or other side effects.

In my searches for how to ‘unfollow’ people, I found this blog post, which made me laugh 😀  You’ll probably enjoy it as well!

So there you go…hopefully that is helpful, and if you are in no way interested in Pinterest, hopefully it was…entertaining?!!


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7 thoughts on “Very Pinteresting…

  • October 28, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    I loved the comment about admiring the tablecloths without having your own laundry done. LOL! That is exactly why I have not joined despite my friends begging me to do so! I will have hundreds of gorgeous recipes pinned while my own husband and child sit hungrily at the table wondering what is for supper. LOL! Glad you all are having fun with it though. 850 pins in one week?! MY OH MY!

  • November 2, 2011 at 12:58 am

    My mom has a pinterest account. But she won’t let me get one (and for some good reasons). I have a board on her account for my favorite things, but that’s about as close to my own pinterest as I’ll get. I will warn you to be careful if you search things on pinterest. My mother’s friend has told us that there are some photos that are entirely unnecessary on there (even though the site forbids such photos). But other than that I’ll have to stop by and see your boards. My mother and I are always looking for things to pin! 🙂 Happy Pinning!

    • November 2, 2011 at 7:36 am

      Yes, we’ve found that to be true, too…thankfully we’ve rarely run across those unnecessary photos 😛 Thank you for the warning!


  • November 5, 2011 at 11:46 am

    I just started using Pinterest about a week ago. I’ve found it to be terribly exciting too. I’m going to follow you now (Pixel Berry Pie is my screenname). My favorite board of yours is the one called “The Writing Desk”… I see some things that need repinning!!! =)

    • November 5, 2011 at 12:16 pm

      I love your screenname 😀 And your boards on writing and books…which I am now following–of course! 😀



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