I was just going to post a few pictures from today, but there’s so many good ones!  Today was the llama show.  We don’t have our own llamas (unfortunately) so we ‘rent’ a llama and go and take care of it in the months before the fair. 

Susannah’s first year out of 4H…she got to be the person who hands out the ribbons 🙂


Bekah with “Bubbles” during the Public Relations class


Cassia with ‘Annie’, doing the Obstacle Course.  Here she had to come to a stop, then trot from one orange cone to the next and then stop again…


Isaiah, playing in the dirt 🙂


{tired boys}


Costume class…everybody’s favorite!  Charissa and ‘Shadow’ dressed up as Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln 😀  Abe is Charissa’s favorite president, if you can’t tell!


Aren’t they a cute couple?!  😀


This costume amazed us!  I don’t know if you can tell, but the llama is wearing a Darth Vader mask, and Nick is ‘Luke Skywalker’ 😀  The amazing thing is that llamas do not like anything on their head, much less covering their whole face!!!


Bekah and her ‘cow’, Bubbles 😀


Anna and her ‘pig’, Hopper 😀  Anna made the little pig-ear headband that Hopper is wearing


Policeman Cassia with her jail-bird, Annie 😀  When Cassia was walking to the llama tent from changing into her costume, not only did she get a lot of stares,  but one little boy even saluted her 😀




This was another favorite…Jack played ‘Russell’ and his llama was the ‘snipe’ 😀  He almost didn’t enter the costume class, but several llama members said that he’d better! 😀  So glad that he did…it was one cute costume!



After the llama show, we rode a few rides since today was ‘dollar day’ 🙂  Susannah took this picture from the top of the ferris wheel.



Another picture Susannah took while on the ferris wheel


I love the boys’ expressions 😀  This little ‘rollercoaster’ used to be my favorite ride.  I’d still ride it if they’d let me!  Our grandpa used to take us to the fair one evening and I’d ALWAYS pick this ride and the merry-go-round.  I was too scared to ride the ‘big kid’ rides…like the ferris wheel…and Papaw always teased me that the rollercoaster was a little kids ride 😀  I didn’t care, I liked it 😀  It’s fun to see how much the boys like it, too.  They rode it twice today 😀


Bekah and Charissa on the ‘Sizzler’ 😀


Here’s a cute quote for you…

 This morning Isaiah asked me, “Will Noah die before me?”

I laughed and said, “What makes you ask that question?”

“Because (with a funny little face that says, ‘don’t you know these things?’) Noah told me!

Then he told me, “because I told Noah that when I die, I’ll give him this (holding up a partially blown up,  plum sized balloon), but he said he would die before me.”

Oh, I see.  That is very nice of you, ‘Zaiah 😀   It turns out that they’ve heard their sisters joke about what they will give each other if they die, such as dollhouse people, etc.  😀

The End.  I’m tired.  Time to go to bed.  Goodnight! 😀

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Tuesday: Llama Show
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4 thoughts on “Tuesday: Llama Show

    • July 13, 2011 at 3:49 pm

      Yes! Bekah got grand champion in her division 😀 I know they got several reserve champions, too 🙂


  • July 13, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    oh wow!!! I LOVE Cassia’s costume!!!! Where did she get it? I wish I could have been there 😥 looks like you all had soooooo much fun!

  • July 13, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    very cute! I love the girls outfits…yes Charissa and Abe make a *very* cute couple :). I like the UP costume to :). The rides look super fun I wish we could have come!
    Have a great week!


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