When you’ve had too much cocoa and cookies, or one too many blueberry pancakes, and you start to feel sleepy and groggy and sluggish…it’s not a fun feeling!


We decided we wanted to share two of our favorite exercises that have been clinically proven to lower blood sugar, and really do clear your mind and help you feel better.

This Christmas season, you will be armed and ready!  Perhaps we won’t be able to say ‘no’ to all of the dessert, but at least we have a way to burn that sugar!


This one is called ‘hoedowns’, and even though it is a little tricky to learn at first, once you get it it’s really fun!



The second one is called ‘butterflies’…we couldn’t find it on YouTube, but if you click on the picture below it will take you to a page where you can view the video.

P.s.  Just wanted to let you know that T-Tapp didn’t pay us to post these links…we really do like these exercises a lot and thought they could be helpful to you 😉

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