A few weeks ago, we went to the blueberry bog to pick our annual 100+ lbs. of blueberries.Β  On this particular trip we got about 40 lbs. if I’m remembering correctly πŸ™‚

We got to take Benton, Campbell, Graham and Boden along with us, the four extra kids we get to babysit πŸ˜€Β  It has been such a fun summer having four little kids to watch and play with.Β  Noah and Isaiah have been loving all the extra playmates.

Graham is so fun!Β  He is always using big words and tells you his opinions in a most serious and grown-up manner.

While we were in the blueberry patch, Noah, Isaiah, Benton, Campbell and Graham followed each other around and ducked down in places we older people couldn’t fit in πŸ˜€

Β  It was so much fun to hear their chatter while we were filling our own pails of blueberries.Β  Once they discovered a bush that was loaded with blueberries, and one of the kids said, “Praise the Lord!Β  Look at all these blueberries!!!”Β  Then they moved on a little ways and Graham was behind them.Β  He stopped and said, “Pwaise da Ward (Lord)!Β  You guys missed a wot of pwaise da Wards!”Β  πŸ˜€Β  Apparently he thought huge clusters of blueberries were called ‘Praise the Lords’Β  πŸ˜€

Boden got to ride in the baby carrier…he fell asleep right as we were finishing up πŸ™‚


[Noah peeking through the berries]

I love, love this picture of Isaiah under the blueberry bushes

Silly Noah πŸ™‚

He must have eaten a sour berry!

Campbell with her berries



It was such a perfect day for picking berries.Β  Not too hot, the mosquitoes weren’t too bad, and we had a lot of shade where we were picking.Β  The bushes were so loaded with nice fat berries that the branches were all bent over.

Campbell and Benton

Isaiah and Graham checking out the blueberries




After we picked the berries, we had a little picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly πŸ˜€Β  Mr. Graham was helping himself to some water.Β  Picking blueberries makes you thirsty πŸ˜‰


Anna feeding Boden his lunch πŸ˜€

After lunch, those who weren’t too tired ran around the blueberry patch…Bekah gave Graham a piggy back ride πŸ™‚

And that was the end of a very good day πŸ˜‰


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The Blueberry Bog
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5 thoughts on “The Blueberry Bog

  • September 2, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    Wow! That is a lot of berries! I love blueberries!! πŸ™‚ Did anyone get poison ivy? I hope not, because that is some nasty stuff! πŸ˜›
    I just love your blog posts. β™₯

    In Christ,

    • September 2, 2013 at 5:49 pm

      Nope, thankfully no one got poison ivy this time! πŸ˜€ Thanks so much , Julia!

  • September 2, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Looks like fun……kind of. It would help to look more like fun if we did not just pick 64 cups of blueberries off of one bush. πŸ˜€ I am glad no one got into poison ivy.


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