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“You never can measure what God will do through you if you are rightly related to Jesus Christ. Keep your relationship right with Him, then whatever circumstances you are in, and whoever you meet day by day, He is pouring rivers of living water through you, and it is of His mercy that He does not let you know it. When once you are rightly related to God by salvation and sanctification, remember that wherever you are, you are put there by God; and by the reaction of your life on the circumstances around you, you will fulfil God’s purpose, as long as you keep in the light as God is in the light.”

Oswald Chambers



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This one is addicting to watch 😀  How do they do that???


Have you seen The Grace Card? Well, here’s a commercial that Michael Joiner is in (he played ‘Mac McDonald’ in The Grace Card).  It’s funny to watch, because he’s so serious in the movie, and anything but serious on this commercial 😀


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Gaps-Legal Pizza


1 lb. ground beef, browned

1 lb. bacon, fried

1 onion, chopped

green peppers, chopped

any Gaps-Legal cheese (though we’ve found that it tastes pretty good without cheese, amazingly!)

1 recipe pizza sauce, below

any other toppings you enjoy 😉

Pizza Sauce

32 oz. tomato sauce

2 t. oregano

2 t. basil

1/2  c. chopped onion or 2 T. onion flakes

2 T. honey (opt.)

2 T. apple cider vinegar

2 t. olive oil

Mix all together.  Can heat up if desired, but not necessary.



Pizza Crust

(also check out this recipe)


12 eggs

¾ c. coconut flour

¾ c. plain yogurt

3 t. onion powder

3 t. oregano

3 t. basil

4 cloves garlic, minced

¾ t. salt


Whip the eggs, yogurt, and salt together in a large bowl or food processor.

Add the coconut flour and whip until very smooth with no lumps.

Blend in the onion powder, oregano, basil, and garlic.

Griddle them on a greased griddle like you would pancakes 😀   Spread them out–you want them pretty thin.

Makes about 15 mini pizza crusts.


Assemble your pizzas by placing the pizza crusts onto a cookie sheet, spreading on the sauce and sprinkling on the toppings.  Bake in a 350°F oven for 10-15 minutes or until heated through.


This recipe serves our family of 11 twice (enough for lunch the next day 😉  )






Farmgirl Favorites


We discovered SkyTimeLapse.com through one of our customers on Etsy 😀  Here’s one video…go to the website to see lots more!





Mantis Tries to Intimidate Dog….and Fails.





found at 22Words

Cute Quotes


Noah was drawing a picture and wanted us to guess what it was.  Isaiah recognized it immediately and said, “It’s the Snatcher o’ Liberty!”



from a long time ago…

Once when Jessica was a little girl, Mommy was admonishing her to stop having a ‘hissy fit’.   Jessica replied, “I don’t wanna have a hissy fit, I just wanna whine a little!”






Note: The Seven Sisters Treasures is a {almost} weekly post where we share some of our favorite things. Hope you enjoy! ~the Farmgirls

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Seven Sisters Treasures #80

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