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 “Patience is like the petals of a rose unfolding.  It is silent. It does not complain about its own slowness nor chide another for his.  It is able to wait, for it knows that time is as important as speed in the Spirit while there is slowness in the flesh.  It knows there is a divine clock that has wings where man’s clock has hands.  It is aware of God’s perfect timing even though it cannot tell the hour.  It penetrates the wall of silence and has faith that God is indeed working even though it doesn not hear the chiming of the passing hours.  Yes, Patience is another child of love; for it is Love that waits, knowing all is well and all WILL be well, because God loves and cares. 

 Patience can wait because Patience knows that God is Love, and love is timeless, and love is loving while patience is waiting.”

~Frances J. Roberts in “Make Haste My Beloved”




The Bookshelf

 You  can go here to see part of the inside of this book 🙂

 Make Haste My Beloved: The Treasured Devotional Classic, Complete and Unabridged




The Recipe Box


Rhubarb Pie

“Although the leaves are toxic, various parts of the plants have medicinal uses. Fresh raw stalks are crisp (similar to celery) with a strong tart taste; most commonly the plant’s stalks are cooked and used in pies and other foods for their tart flavour. 

  Rhubarb is botanically classified as a vegetable; however, in the United States a New York court decided in 1947 that since it was used in the United States as a fruit it was to be called a fruit. A side effect was a reduction in taxes paid.”

~from the Wikipedia

Rhubarb pie is definitely one of Daddy’s favorites!  When some of us were younger we didn’t understand how Daddy could like such a sour pie, but now those of us who are older have come to appreciate it and like it a lot 😀

1 1/4 c. flour

1/3 c. sugar

4 c. rhubarb cut into 1 inch pieces (about 12 stalks)

Pastry for a double crust pie (see a recipe here)

2 T. butter

Stir together sugar, flour, and a dash of salt.  Add sugar mixture to rhubarb pieces; toss to coat fruit.  Let fruit mixture stand for 15 minutes.  Fill a 9-inch pastry lined plate with rhubarb mixture; dot with butter.  Adjust top crust, sealing the edge.  Cover the edge of the pie with foil.  Bake in a 375 degree oven for 25 minutes.  Remove foil and bake for 25 minutes more or until golden. Serve warm.  Especially yummy with vanilla ice cream as it helps offset the tart pie 😀



Farmgirl Favorites

A friend sent us this through e-mail… we thought it was quite funny, even though is it “boy-scout” and not really anything “farmgirl” 😀  Enjoy!

Scout’s Letter Home

“Dear Mom,

Our scout master told us all write to our parents in case you saw the flood on TV and worried. We are OK. Only 2 of our tents and 4 sleeping bags got washed away. Luckily, none of us got drowned because we were all up on the mountain looking for Jeff when it happened. Oh yes, please call Jeff’s mother and tell her he is OK. He can’t write because of the cast. I got to ride in one of the search & rescue jeeps. It was neat.

We never would have found him in the dark if it hadn’t been for the lightning. Scoutmaster Web got mad at Hector for going on a hike alone without telling anyone. Hector said he did tell him, but it was during the fire so he probably didn’t hear him. Did you know that if you put gas on a fire, the gas can will blow up? The wet wood still didn’t burn, but one of our tents did. Also some of our clothes. Larry is going to look weird until his hair grows back.

We will be home on Saturday if Scoutmaster Webb gets the car fixed. It wasn’t his fault about the wreck. The brakes worked OK when we left. Scoutmaster Webb said that a car that old you have to expect something to break down; that’s probably why he can’t get insurance on it. We think it’s a neat car. He doesn’t care if we get it dirty, and if it’s hot, sometimes he lets us ride on the tailgate. It gets pretty hot with 10 people in a car.

He let us take turns riding in the trailer until the highway patrolman stopped and talked to us. Scoutmaster Webb is a neat guy. Don’t worry, he is a good driver. In fact, he is teaching brother Doug how to drive. But he only lets him drive on the mountain roads where there isn’t any traffic. All we ever see up there are logging trucks.

This morning all of the guys were diving off the rocks and swimming out in the lake. Scoutmaster Webb wouldn’t let me because I can’t swim and Jeff was afraid he would sink because of his cast, so he let us take the canoe across the lake. It was great. You can still see some of the trees under the water from the flood. Scoutmaster Webb isn’t crabby like some scoutmasters. He didn’t even get mad about the life jackets. He has to spend a lot of time working on the car so we are trying not to cause him any trouble.

Guess what? We have all passed our first aid merit badges. When Rob dove in the lake and cut his arm, we got to see how a tourniquet works. Also Bruce and I got sick. Scoutmaster Webb said it probably was just food poisoning from the leftover chicken, he said they got sick that way with the food they ate in prison. I’m so glad he got out and become our scoutmaster. He said he sure figured out how to get things done better while he was doing his time.

I have to go now. We are going into town to mail our letters and buy bullets.

Don’t worry about anything. We are fine.

Love, Dave”





We’ve especially enjoyed reading Rachel’s post on journaling 😀  She writes about it in such away that it inspires you to journal more 😀



Cute Quotes


Once while going to town, some of the Littles were discussing a sign they saw that said, “Holy Cow” and had a picture of a cow on it.  “See that sign? That means that cows are going to be crossing the  road soon!

One day Jessica let Isaiah ride on the lawnmower with her while she mowed the lawn.  We have a mower that has the joy-sticks and you can do a complete circle with it and fast! Isaiah kept asking Jessica to “go around”, so before they put the mower away, they “went around” a few times.  After leaving the mower in the barn to recover from its dizzy spell, Isaiah told Jessica, “I a naughty boy!”

“What did you say?!” Jessica asked

He grinned and repeated, “I a naughty boy, and you a naughty boy!  We’re both naughty boys!”

Jessica has also discovered that it isn’t safe to let Isaiah stay on the mower while she empties the grass bags…he tries to “go around” all by himself, or start making the mower move forward, and then giggles like it’s the funniest thing in the world!

Noah’s version of the hymn, “I am Resolved”

” I am resolved no longer to stay here, da da da da da da!

Things that are higher things that are lower, da da da da da da!

I will hasten to me…(or “He will hasten to me…”).  😀


Note: The Seven Sisters Treasures is a weekly post where we share some of our favorite things.  Hope you enjoy!  ~the Farmgirls

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