First, I need to make some introductions.  "King" is the german shepherd dog we blogged about a week ago, and RePete is our goose.   I know.   Strange name.  But his father’s name was Pete.  That should explain RePete’s name : )



You can see a picture of "RePete" up on our header : D

*                     *                        *

  A few days ago,  Susannah said she heard a dog barking, so she looked out the window and saw a german shepherd dog chasing the school bus!   Later, when I was out milking, I saw him chase our neighbor’s van as she was taking her kids to school—silly dog! 

   Well, the dog also chased the neighbor when she came over that morning to exercise with Mommy, and ever since has been hanging around our property.   We were wary of him at first, because we’ve had some scary experiences with strange dogs.  Especially strange big dogs.  However, he is very friendly, and Susannah discovered he knows how to "sit", "stay", and "shake hands"  : D  It is so cute!   Susannah also looked at his teeth and thinks he’s only six months to a year old.   Mommy was going to call to have someone come get the dog, but everybody has been begging her to wait until we ask Daddy if we can keep him .   I have to admit, I really like that dog!    Daddy said yes, as long as we were willing to really pare down our rabbits.  Our poor rabbits don’t get much love, and when you have to pay $10 a week in feed, just to feed a bunch of rabbits that nobody likes much, it gets kind of old : )  It was getting old for those who didn’t have to pay, but just had to take care of them : )    We went from 23 rabbits, down to 10, and that will soon be reduced to only 6 that we are going to keep.  One lady came and got several of them saying she was down to eighty rabbits from the 100+ she had this spring.  Better yet, every single one of her rabbits are spoiled! 


So that is how King came, and how he got to stay.

  Meanwhile, he’s been kind of ornery!

   A few days after he came to us, he got in with the goats and was chasing them and the goose around.  It is quite funny, by the way, to see that goose afraid of the dog, because before the dog came, the goose was the king of the property.  But now there is a new "King" : D  Well, I was not able to catch him as easily as before, and  so I was running around trying to catch him, and shouting "King! No! Stop that!".  

    He and the goose got into it, and when I saw RePete’s neck in King’s mouth, I was almost sure I was going to see the goose’s end!  I was really yelling and shouting at him by that point : D  Thankfully, the goose bit King hard enough that King had a little more respect for him.  Both "kings" are afraid of each other now : ) 

   At one point he chased all the goats into the barn, and as I stood beside the doorway (to be out of the way of the goats when they came flying out!), three of the goats charged right for me and knocked me off my feet!  Thankfully they went under or around me, and not on top of me!  Even better than that, my dress did not get goat droppings on it like I thought it would

   We were telling some friends, the Knapps, about it, and they asked if we were going to post some pictures of it on our blog.  Only thing is–we forgot to take pictures : D  We were too busy yelling at the dog and afraid the goose was going to die!  Our friends said  that we could reenact it and take pictures then—even a videotape!   

                          I don’t think we’ll take that chance though…



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“King” and RePete

3 thoughts on ““King” and RePete

  • September 9, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    He is so Cute! So how many dogs will you have now?

    I would do the same thing about begging to keep the dog 😀

    Anna at

    P.S. Jessica, thank you for the comment on my blog, the link you gave me did not work, because she only works with people on HSB, and I am on blogspot 🙁 Anyway, thank you! A picture one might work! (I have to find a picture first :D)

  • September 10, 2009 at 9:11 am

    king is sooooooooo cute!!!!!!! I am so glad you get to keep him! have us over so we can see him! (and soon!) jk. well give him a hug for me!


  • September 10, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    Great story–I was laughing. : ) Very funny. I agree that you wouldn't want to take the chance of reenacting it! The goose might REALLY die if you did that! Have a great afternoon.

    _ Emily Sue


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