On Monday I was very excited to get some sewing done…I haven’t done any for a while, and after going to JoAnn Fabric’s last Friday (and buying more fabric, of course!) I wanted to SEW! 

  The dress I was working on happened to be for Charissa.  Kind of as a practice to see if I could get a certain pattern to work.  I had seen this pattern at JoAnns and liked it very much.  But alas!  That particular JoAnns is a small store, and did not have that pattern in stock!

So I found one kind of like it at home, enlarged it, and attatched a skirt and shirt to make a dress.   Charissa wears a size 8 and the pattern was a size 4 so it needed enlarged a lot!  The first one was the wrong size for Charissa, a little too small.  So that one is going on Etsy 🙂   It is just like the one I am about to show you, only a smaller size.  Once I finally figured out how to enlarge the pattern, it went a lot quicker.  I finally finished the dress at about 9:00ish Monday night. 

 Then yesterday evening I took pictures of Charissa in her new dress 🙂  I love this dress because it slips right over the head and is so simple but pretty!

 We recently got a new camera and have been playing with the ‘panorama’ feature.  I was taking a picture of the field behind us, and then took these of Charissa 😀









Here she is saying, “Are we done yet?” 😀



I took some of her climbing our apple tree…



…and hanging upside down out of it!



She ran up to the peach tree and started swinging on one of the branches.  I said, “Don’t climb that tree!  It’s too little!”  Then I said,  “Hey wait!  Stay there for a minute, you aren’t supposed to do that, but stay there ’til I get your picture!” 😀


She tried covering the lense, but as you can see, I still got her picture 🙂


I love this one!


Do you have a little sister who wants to match my sister?! 😀  You can buy a dress very much like this at our Etsy shop, Farmgirl Treasures.




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Oh “Sew” Sweet!
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3 thoughts on “Oh “Sew” Sweet!

  • June 3, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    Oh, what a beautiful dress!!!!! I love it! It looks like although you had to alter the pattern a lot, it would be an easy dress to make. I am going to do some sewing myself this weekend (for the first time since we made my dress). I’m making 8 curtains (3 different sizes) for our new home. Oh, and I have to have the first four done before we move in this Saturday. I’m a little scared about that! Thankfully I can use both my Mom’s surger and sewing machine.

  • June 8, 2010 at 8:45 am

    How adorable! I love the last photo…it truly shows a feminine farmgirl!

    Joyfully in Jesus,


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