Remember what  I was saying yesterday when I said I wished life would slow down??? Well, I wasn’t really wanting it to happen like this My youngest sister broke out with chicken pox in 10-14 days the rest of us children will probably break out with them too. I don’t know if I am glad or sad Only Daddy and Mommy has had them. We have to cancel alot of things and  some of them I am glad, but the others I am not

Today our road got new fresh lines painted on (it just got tar and feathered last week) so it was pretty neat to see both get done It was quite dusty at first.

We were supposed to start school today but life got in the way Suzanna Mae and  I started some "bookwork school". I did my history so far  I probably should go do some more school, and  yes math too well I am going to go, so see ya later!

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Life IS going to slow down!!!!!!

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