It’s been a really long time since I posted a post on our blog,  so I decided to post what I’ve been up too….baking. The title “Gâteau rose” is french for “pink cake” (yes I am learning french) and that’s exactly what I made, a vanilla cake covered in pink frosting with white flower sprinkles.




For my birthday I got a cake stand, and some of my sisters were trying to figure out why I was so excited about getting it. But if you’re a baker…..I’m sure you would understand it too! 🙂

As you probably already know, Leah is amazing at lettering, so she wrote on my cake stand cover “Let them eat cake.”




I got this recipe from a cook book “Sweet Bake Shop“, it’s the first recipe I made out of it but I already love the whole book!!! The lady who wrote it (Tessa Sam) has a bakery in Vancouver. I have seen pictures of her bakery but I’ve never been to it, but it is SO on my bucket list!! It’s a pretty pastel bakery with pastel sweets. you can visit her website here.

But if you love baking (especially cakes, cupcakes and cookies ) I would totally recommend buying her book!!




And speaking of blogs (were we talking about them?)  I am going to set up my own blog where I’ll post about my baking!!! I’ll post the link here on our blog as soon as I get it finished!

Life is what you bake it and the secret ingredient is always love!



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Gâteau rose

One thought on “Gâteau rose

  • March 11, 2018 at 5:06 pm

    Yay! You finally posted something on here, Charissa!! 🙂
    I liked how your cake turned out…I tried baking a two-layer cake, for the first time, last month or so…and it turned out so differently from yours! Part of the problem probably would be because I baked the two layers in casserole dishes, instead of round cake pans…:}
    Congratulations, and send me a piece of your cake, please!


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