” Dear Ones,

As we typically do on Sunday evenings, but hadn’t done for many weeks (in its full form), we gathered together as a family last night to continue our eschatological study and then to pray.  Several had prayed, and it was my turn.  As I neared the end of my prayer and was specifically praying for Meredith, her labored breathing ceased.  We waited . . . it started again.  I immediately thought of how changes in breathing, especially these long pauses between breaths, indicated that death was near.  I finished praying, and tears started trickling down my face.  A few others prayed, and Meredith’s breathing stopped again, and started again.  Beth [a friend and paramedic who has been staying with them throughout this whole time] quietly went to Meredith to check on her.  We kept praying and kept watching Beth and Meredith.  Beth motioned for us to come, and we all immediately surrounded her as she breathed her last few breaths and ended her suffering forever.  Scott prayed; we cried and held her.  All of us were awake and with her, for which I am so thankful.  We rejoice in her salvation, in her life, in her death, in her present freedom FOREVER from pain and sin’s effects.




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From Meredith’s Mom…
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2 thoughts on “From Meredith’s Mom…

  • March 20, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    Oh, this is such sad, heart wrenching news…for those of us still on earth that is…Meredith is in a much better place now, and as her mom said, we can rejoice in that! Of course we are continuing to pray for her family – this must be sooooo hard for them!!

    The Forster Family


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