Tonight I made some little Valentine candy packets for my music students who are coming tomorrow.   They are so easy!  I got the idea from Pinterestand tweaked it a little by adding a pretty fabric to one side 😀



  You’ll need:
♥ brown paper (a grocery sack works well)
♥ scrap fabric
♥ candy
♥ a sewing machine is nice, but you could easily sew these by hand


  I found a heart template and traced it onto the paper and fabric, and then used pinking shears to make a pretty edge. Be sure you don’t use your good pinking shears for the paper…I used some old ones that used to be our grandma’s laying around.



Sew around the heart with long stitches…I set my machine to ‘3’, but you can do whatever you want 🙂  Or if you’re sewing it by hand, a small running stitch will look beautiful and add more farmgirl charm ♥



Fill your pouch with candies, dried fruit, or nuts, then stitch the opening closed.  No need to backstitch, unless you’re sewing it by hand.


 Now they’re ready to give to sisters, students, and friends!


What is your favorite Valentine’s tradition?  Does your family do something out of the ordinary and fun?!  One year we started making homemade banana splits, complete with homemade ice cream on Valentine’s Day…now it’s a ‘tradition’ 😀  Sometimes we’ll even get out the red tablecloth and put fancy dishes and candles out, just for fun 😀


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Farmgirl Valentines
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One thought on “Farmgirl Valentines

  • October 9, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    What a great idea — I just might have to make some of these!


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