We forgot that we had so many photos from our quick stop at some friends’ house in Georgia on the way to the Smokies…Mommy said, “Have you done a post yet of the N. family’s house?”   😀 Then we realized, “Oh yes!  We have quite a few pictures from there!!!”  😀


We got there around 8:30 p.m., and since they are all night owls as well, we stayed up ’til at least 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning!!!  It was fun!   Here some of the girls (and boys) are playing a game of “Monopoly”


The next morning we had breakfast out on the porch…

…and then played a few games of ‘Train Wreck’ 😀



We thought this was a cute picture 😉


After a little while, we went over to their grandparents’ house where they keep their horses and helped them—okay, we watched them—do chores 🙂


We *love* horses, especially 3 of us girls 😀  This little donkey was so cute! His name was ‘P.D.’ which stood for ‘puppy dog’ 😀  Whenever the other horses left him he’d start going crazy and braying…it was so funny!


More pretty horses…


Here he is again 😀  He was so cute!


Isaiah, Noah and Charissa watching Ethan feed the horses


Noah reaching out to pet P.D.


Isaiah was still getting over his fear of animals of all kinds, so he wasn’t too sure about the horses 😀 (Thankfully, he’s gotten quite over his fear…which is a good thing!  You can’t be a farmboy and afraid of animals, lol!)


P.D., being ornery and trying to take away the other horse’s food…


Grooming the horses


Sarah was so kind to hitch up “Lucy” to take us on a ride 😀


Christina’s horse was a sweetie 🙂


While waiting for the horse to be ready, Bekah and Charissa made pretty good substitute horses…



We noticed a plane pulling a glider while we were at the farm…it would pull it up and then let the glider go for awhile before pulling it up again.


Hitching up Lucy to the cart…


Sarah with the first ‘load’ of people wanting a ride  😀


Christina with her horse


Next set of girls getting ready to take their ride


Ethan gave a different sort of ride…it was a little faster than the horse cart 😀


‘Twas lots of fun!


Both of the moms taking a ride 🙂


*so much fun!*


Bekah and Charissa, muchly enjoying Christina’s pony 😀


Next ‘load’ of kids, going on a ride in the gator 😀




The boys really enjoyed pretending to ‘drive’ it 😀  They made up their own sound effects for the engine…



Christina’s pony–isn’t she a cutie?!



Charissa got to ride on the pony…


It looks like she is very much enjoying herself !


Bekah got her turn…


…and so did Anna.


Grooming the pony afterwards…


We had so much fun here!  It was so nice to see our friend again!  The last time we visited them, Anna was a baby 😀


…we know we said something about the Smokies…don’t worry, those are coming right up 😀





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