This morning I was in the barn feeding my goat Tiffany. While I was  waiting for her to finish up her food, I heard Rebekah (she also was doing her animals),  calling Liberty’s name,  and then it was starting to sound more frantic!  I thought “oh dear,the dog got loose and she can’t catch her.”

She is just about impossible to catch!

I came out of the barn and see Rebekah chasing Liberty, Liberty chasing the chickens, and the chickens running for their dear life!


                                     “LIBERTY! NOOOOO!”


She may look cute, but I think she has a sweet tooth for chickens!


I quickly realized that she needed help…or I guess it’s more like the chickens needed help! 🙂

After a few minutes of a dog,  two people and several chickens all madly running around! The dog gets a chicken in her mouth and is “still” just long enough for me to grab her collar, and then I hear  Crunch!  Poor little chicken, I’m not sure what crunched, bones, feathers?

Thankfully though the captive got away and the pursuer  was captured! 🙂

Apparently Rebekah was giving her a good run and all of the sudden the leash just let go!

I’m thankful that we were able to catch her without any of the chickens dying, or seriously injured.  We use and eat a lot of eggs, so we don’t want to loose any of our layers.

And so, I got my morning exercise in and a good scare!


~Cassia 🙂




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Dog On The Loose+Chickens=Not Good!

One thought on “Dog On The Loose+Chickens=Not Good!

  • February 20, 2012 at 2:55 pm

    Liberty sounds like daisy except she also does that with the cats too. Look out chickens and cats!


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