Nope, this isn’t about what presents we got…..we haven’t even started fixing breakfast yet! 🙂  We go to bed seeing snow on the ground, we wake up seeing water on the ground……and this on the ground…..

Our very tall pine tree…..on the ground!!  We had some hard winds all night…..but goodness! I didn’t think we had that much!

It just missed the outhouse, and just missed the fence, well….some of it. The wood fence anyways. It smashed the wire one.

I am standing against the house here…..that is how close it came to the house! Thankfully it took a different direction! Leah said that she thought that she heard a crack sometime last night.

We are certainly going to miss it! We’ll have to plant another 🙂


And all the water…..the snowmen are kind of in the middle of it  :-0 (sorry the pictures are blurry, it was raining and the camera wouldn’t take clear ones unless I got right up next to it, but then I would be standing in the water!)

 Have a Merry Christmas!!!

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Christmas Day Suprises!

One thought on “Christmas Day Suprises!

  • December 30, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    That was indeed a close call! Even closer than I realized! I'm sure God put it just there especially for you:D ! Love and Hugs!

    ~ TN-L-A-MGT


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