We girls enjoy going to Candid Camera Online to see the video of the day, and today’s is probably one of my favorites!  Now I will warn you that the video of the day is not always good, so please know that we are endorsing this link only for today.  Also, if you have any brothers around, you may want to know that in the first few seconds of the movie they show Candid Camera’s host and hostess—and the hostess is not always the most modestly dressed lady!

     So, with all my disclaimers said, here is the link for you to enjoy : D




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Candid Smile of the Day…

One thought on “Candid Smile of the Day…

  • October 8, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Hello! : ) That is a very funny video. : ) I always feel bad for the "victims", though. : ) And I'm not even a mercy! 😀 Anyway, I decided to try and use the speaker, so I could actually hear it, and it worked! So, I got to see AND hear the video! : D

    AND, I didn't turn the volume off when I went back to your site, so I got to hear your lovely music! I think that was the first time ever! I was very much enjoying it; and I shall go back and enjoy it some more. : )

    Have a good week! Tell your mom "welcome back!" for me. God bless!


    ~DB : )


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