We got awarded by gelpenprincess!!

And tagged by aspiringlilly!!        Has 5 people ever done one tag together before?? Here is someone!!    Code: Jessie is #1, Lyssa #2, Suzanna #3, Cassie #4 and Annie #5. 

Have you ever seen a tornado before? No for all.

  Have you ever been in a landrover?  No for all.

  Has a tornado ever hit your house? Absolutely!!! One on the first week of July every year!!  Okay, not really…but the house is a big mess every July (from getting ready for the 4-H fair) and it looks like one went through!!     

  Have you ever ridden a horse?   Yes for all.

  Have you ever been in a castle before?  (Does the Corn Palace count?! #1 #2 and #3) No for all…(The castle).

  Have you ever lived on a farm?  Yes for all.

  Have you ever explored a secret passage?  No for all.

   Have you ever explored a ruined castle?  We all explored a ruined town!!  But not a castle.

  And tripped over a gravestone in a graveyard? Most likely when we were itty bitty things.

  What is your favorite type of tree? #1- Red Maple #2- Maple #3-Tulip probably #4-Weeping Willow #5- Giant Redwood 

1. Favorite Animal: #1-Horses    #2-Kitties   #3-Dogs,  #4-Horses  #5-Pigs

2. Favorite Color: #1- Pink   #2-Purple   #3-Yellow,  #4-Blue   #5-White

3. Favorite Food:  #1-Enchiladas    #2- Pizza  #3-Enchiladas, #4-Taco Salad  #5-Chili

4. Favorite Dessert: #1-Ice Cream/Chocolate    #2-Ice Cream/Chocolate #3-Chocolate/Butterscotch #4-Apple Pie/Ice Cream #5-Ice Cream/Carmel

5. Favorite Book: (Other than the Bible) #1-Evidence Not Seen  #2-Pollyanna & House of Love  #3-Lamplighter Books  #4-Any Revolutionary Book  #5-A Light Kindled

6. Favorite Movie: #1-Facing the Giants   #2-Facing The Giants  #3-Facing The Giants,  #4-Facing The Giants  #5-Facing The Giants

7. Favorite Instrument: #1-Harp  #2-Violin   #3-Cello  #4-Piano #5-Violin

8. Favorite T.V. Show: (For all), When we see one, the weather.  

9. Favorite Song: #1-Suite d’Amore  by Egdar  #2-That I May Know Him  #3-(One of them) It Is Well With My Soul   #4-The Star Spangled Banner/Rescue The Perishing  #5-Seek Ye First

10. Who will you tag?  Tessagoatgirl46 and magg93.


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An Award and We Got Tagged!!!!
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3 thoughts on “An Award and We Got Tagged!!!!

  • October 5, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Looks like y'all had fun! I wish I had sisters to do stuff with! Y'all are truly blessed having sisters! Though brothers are just as good, but VERY different! I love my brothers and I would love my sister if I had one!


  • October 5, 2008 at 6:37 pm

    Thanks for helping me out with those questions, but there's one award that keeps messing it up so I probably won't put it on there until I find out the problem and fix it.

  • October 19, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Oh, yes, this is a marvelous coincedence. You see, I have this freind on HSB called narnialover95 and my Mum has a freind on HSB called Mama9blessings and now I discover that you are Mama9blessing's children and all along you had been a freind of narnialover95 on HSB ( HomeschoolBlogger ).

    By the way, I made the first part of that tag but not the second part someone else must have added that on for some reason, thats strange that you have never been in a landrover before yet you work on a farm?? Oh, yes I forgot you are from Canada? or is it America?

    I used to live on a farm, there were sheep and cows and sheep dogs and things, we lived in this old farmhouse in Scotland, but we live in England now and we live by a feild with all sheep in it in the countryside, well its sort of half and half really, like one side of the house over-looks the countryside and the otherside over looks rows and rows of houses in our village… it seems an awfully big village – almost a town as I have been brought up in the country most of my life.



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