Today was the animal check-in day…when we bring in the goats (and normally the chickens).  The llamas don’t come until tomorrow.


Unfortunately…we got NO pictures of any of that 😀  BUT we did release some little frogs that we’ve raised from tadpoles…and we got pictures of that 🙂  It’s been fun watching them, and it was pretty funny when their legs started growing, one of the girls squealed, “Oh!  They have LEGS!” 😀  They were so tiny!  And when the tadpoles were really little, you could see their little heart beating 🙂  We’ve killed a few 🙁  But Bekah got online and figured out what makes tadp0les happy…and what keeps them alive!  We had 81 of them in the fish tank at one time, until she read that if they don’t have enough room they’ll start eating each other (!).  So she quickly took some back out to the pond.


The tadpoles

4H Judging Week: Day 6



The little frog!

4H Judging Week: Day 6



Releasing them into the water…

4H Judging Week: Day 6


Before they released the frogs, they caught this on camera.  At first the frog jumps on top of the camera…and then he decides to get a closer look!



Today was also ‘Open Class’ entry day…where adults (and kids), can compete with different projects.  So last night Susannah and Isaiah made muffins to enter.  Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out pretty, so they didn’t enter them.  Fortunately for us, they still tasted good 😀

4H Judging Week: Day 6




Also today I got to help with a pancake breakfast fly-in at a local airport…I LOVE airplanes and being around people who fly them, so it was lots of fun 😀


4H Judging Week: Day 6



So today’s post really had nothing to do with the fair…even though some of us spent several hours there getting the goats checked in…but at least you got a few pictures!


Some of you may remember how much we love the milkshakes at the little milkshake stand down by the animal barns at the fair 🙂  Well, we started our milkshake count for the year…but I’m not sure what it is yet!  They started a tally sheet and it’s in the tack box at the fair, so I’ll let you know tomorrow or Monday what the running tally is 😉









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4H Judging Week: Day 6
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