4H Fair Week: Day 5

Day Five!!!  Today is the day every 4Her looks forward to…free rides!  The fair and midway is kind enough to let all 4Hers have an hour and a half of free rides, and oh how we love them!  This year we got THREE hours, because they advertised two different times, so they just made it three hours long instead 🙂


4H Fair Week: Day 5

They used to let 4H parents and committee members ride for free…then last year they didn’t let you.  Leah and I decided to see if they’d let us this year…and they DID 😀  Lol!



4H Fair Week: Day 5

While I was waiting in line with Noah and Isaiah for the Sizzler, we looked over and saw the whole llama club on the little kids roller coaster.  Okay, maybe not the whole club, but the ride was pretty much filled with club members, including one of the moms!  It was great!

The little roller coaster used to be my very favorite when I was younger.  Our grandpa used to take us to the fair one night in the week when he was alive, and when I’d tell him that I wanted to ride it he’d tease me, “That’s a baby ride!”.  I’d say, “No it isn’t Papaw!  I want to go on it!”


And this year I did it again, for the first time in a long time 😀  You can see Cassia in the front seat on this picture.  She convinced Leah, Mommy and I to go on it with her.  It was so funny, but I do like that ride a lot!

4H Fair Week: Day 5


Me, Isaiah, and our friend Sarah on the Sizzler.  Later in the afternoon I was wondering why my side was so sore, then I remembered that I had gotten smashed against a hard seat by two kids every time that thing spun around, lol!

4H Fair Week: Day 5


Later on, Mommy, Leah, Cassia and I went on the Ferris Wheel again 🙂

4H Fair Week: Day 5

Cassia and Mommy

4H Fair Week: Day 5


Leah and I

4H Fair Week: Day 5


We went over and visited the ‘Echoes of the Past’ part of the fair.  They have a real log cabin that they relocated to the fair, a blacksmith shop, tractors, homemade ice cream, a sawmill demonstration, and a lot of cool old fashioned things 🙂

4H Fair Week: Day 5


We saw this contraption which was called an “Improved Washing Machine” 😀

I think I like our “More Improved Washing Machine” better!

4H Fair Week: Day 5


Watching the sawmill demonstration

4H Fair Week: Day 5


A baler

4H Fair Week: Day 5


The log cabin.  I forget the year it was built…but the couple raised 5 children in it, then passed it on to one of their children, who raised 7 children in it 🙂  It was lived in until 1984 with no electricity, no running water, and no gas!

The man who was there to answer questions about it was teasing us and telling us quite a few ‘stories’.

There was a black and white video they were showing of footage taken years and years ago of things that were happening in Warsaw.  It was in black and white, and the man was teasing and saying that the video fit with the log cabin, because it was in black and white.

So I asked him, “If there’s no electricity, how could they play the video?”

“Well,” he said, “they had a system where squirrels would run on these wheels and that powered the video player.  You believe that, don’t you?”

I laughed and said, “Nope!”


Then he told us a story about his necklace which had different animal teeth on it,  how he hit a buffalo over the head, six of the buffalo’s teeth fell out, so he picked them up for his necklace, and the buffalo came after him and killed him.

“Do you believe that?” he asked.

“Oh yes” I said, then all of us laughed 😀


He told us another story about how he got the shark’s tooth on his necklace, and when he was done, Susannah asked, “Was that before or after the buffalo?”

“Oh, after the buffalo!”


A TRUE story that we found, was that a man from Warsaw was one of the men who helped raise the flag on Iwo Jima!  Somebody Sisk…I can’t remember his first name.

But how cool is that?!!


4H Fair Week: Day 5


The llamas had to go home today…which to me is one of the saddest days of the fair!  We so love hanging out with our ‘llama family’, playing games, and visiting together.  After the llamas go home, there usually isn’t very many people who stay around the tent on Friday, because we don’t sell llamas in the auction like the rest of the animals.

We all are looking forward to next year!


Walking the llamas to the trailer

4H Fair Week: Day 5


Loading up…

4H Fair Week: Day 5


We also saw a hot air balloon float over the fairgrounds…that was neat!

4H Fair Week: Day 5

A few more funny stories…


Funny story #1

Daddy, Mommy, Leah, Susannah and I were walking along, and Susannah spotted two teenaged boys who were cutting a hole through some black plastic so that they could watch the show going on.  The plastic is up so to block the general public’s view so that people can’t just watch the show for free.

She slowly walked over there, six feet tall and her hands on her hips, and asked them, “Are you supposed to be doing that?”

They looked at her sheepishly and said, “No.”

“Well, there’s a sheriff over there I can report this to.”

Then they slunk off.

The crazy thing is, we later found out that this particular show was free…and they could have just walked in and watched it instead of cutting through the plastic. 😀


Funny story #2

There is ‘The Hill’ which is a great big hill that all of the kids like to run on, the adults like to sit and rest, and over all is just a great place to rest on some nice green grass in the shade.  Anna went over there to read, then she fell asleep, and slept hard for about an hour.  We can see The Hill from the llama tent, and her friends later told her what happened.

The man who picks up the trash saw her laying on the grass and he kind of stopped, as if he was wondering if she was okay.  He’d then pick up more trash, then look over his shoulder as if he thought maybe he should wake her up, or see if she was still breathing.  I guess he did it a few times, wondering if she was alright. Our friends were laughing the whole time and were sure to tell Anna all about it when she finally did wake up and come back to the llama tent 😀


See you tomorrow!  Our Very Last Day of the Fair.





p.s. the milkshake count is somewhere in the 80’s 🙂







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4H Fair Week: Day 5
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