I know what you’re thinking…the Seven Sisters went trick-or-treating?!! Actually, no.  Just Mommy and the four of us older girls did 😀   In Chicago.


See?  We girls dressed as ‘Amish’, Mommy dressed as a T-Tapper, and Miss Teresa dressed as herself.  Okay, we’re teasing!


Perhaps we should explain ourselves…


We all very much like T-Tapp, an exercise program developed by Teresa Tapp, who we like even more 😀  She was doing a clinic in the Chicago area, which Mommy was planning on going to…and we four older girls were all wanting to go with her.  I pretty much counted myself as ‘out’, because I got to go to Cleveland with her a few months ago, so it was just a matter of seeing who of the other three would get to go.  We kept putting off discussing it, because we didn’t want to know yet who got left behind 😀


So Thursday night at supper, somebody asked THE QUESTION and Mommy said, “All four of you can go if you want.”

WE CAN?! Yay!  Yippee!  Hooray!  Count us in!!! 😀


We had so much fun!    We first went to the Alexian Brothers Hospital where Teresa was giving a free ‘seminar’, or talk.  There were different things set up, just for girls (or rather, ladies!) such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware, some jewlery, free manicures, etc 😀  We got to talk to Teresa there for a little bit, and we sampled some of the yummies they had there.  Ummm…yes, we cheated…the brownies were not GAPS legal, but then you’re not in Chicago every day, right?!

It gets very funny when we girls are splitting brownies (see, we only cheated half way!) and people assume you are ‘being good’ and ‘not having too much sugar’ or tell us we don’t have to worry about  ‘watching our weight’ 😀  While the first two are true in a way, if it was our weight we were so worried about, we’d have eaten five brownies!  Only that would NOT have been very polite 😀   But as they say…’I digress’.


Leah, crocheting a baby hat 🙂

So we enjoyed looking at all the goodies and bought a new peeler from the Tupperware lady.  We have probably seven peelers, and only two or three of them actually peel well.  Mommy used to do Tupperware, many moons ago, so we have nearly everything, except ours are old colors and we have more cracked lids 😀  A good peeler, however, we did not have.  Sorry…I’m still digressing.


Then it was time for the seminar, which we all sat in on, and Teresa had us sweating just from the few moves she showed us there!   I should have sat out on a couple of moves to take pictures, but these picture-happy girls took hardly any!  Are we bad, or what?!  Oh well…we shall try to make it up in words 😀


I was also very happy when Teresa was drawing names for prizes and I got my very own T-Tapp shirt! You’re probably laughing at me, but since I’ve been doing it more consistently the past eight weeks (thanks to Mommy making me a wonderful schedule–I really like having a trainer-in-training for a mother 😉 ) I’m more excited to have one to exercise in.




So after Miss Teresa got us all extremely warm, we headed across the street to the ‘Fitness Center’, where Mommy was going to work out “for real” 😀  Teresa just ‘tortured’ us a little at the hospital, Mommy was going to get tortured a lot!

We girls, on the other hand, brought our knitting, crocheting, books, and camera…only we sorely misused the camera and only took a few good pictures.  The rest looked like…this:






…was feeling




Cassia…the photographer (at that point in time)



Don’t worry–the trick-or-treating story is coming right up…


Cassia's sock she was knitting



While we were sitting there, lots of people were walking by.  One man in a suit walked by and said ‘hello’.   Cassia said, ‘Why is he wearing a suit?!  He’s in a fitness center!!!’

I said, ‘Why are you wearing a dress?  You’re in a fitness center!!!’ 😀

It appeared that there were a couple of  birthday parties going on, but we didn’t ask him why he was wearing a suit.

Then he walked back through and asked, “Is that a Bible?”   Yes!  (one of us were reading ours at the moment)

“Let me guess, it looks like Old Testament, maybe early New Testament?”  Yes!  It was Proverbs.

Then he asked where we were from, and what church we were from, and as he walked away he said, “That’s great!  Stay close to the Lord!”

That was encouraging, quite encouraging 🙂  You don’t expect strangers to say something like that 😀


There was a birthday party going on and it looked like they were Indian…and we girls thought all their little kids were simply adorable 😀


We promise…trick-or-treating really is coming right up 😉


Afterwards, we got to visit a tad more with Teresa and the other ‘Tappers’, and took the picture you saw at the top of the post.

Then we were hungry.  We went to Wendy’s for our supper, and we had discovered on the GPS that there was a Coldstone nearby 😀



So we drove to Coldstone…which was out of business.   So we drove to another Coldstone…which was also out of business.  Finally we stopped by a Whole Foods that was near where Coldstone was supposed to be and asked where a Coldstone would be located???  We were really wanting ice cream 😀  Finally we found a Coldstone in downtown Naperville, and by now it was getting quite dark.

The first thing we noticed was that there were adults trick-or-treating.  Seriously.  How crazy is that?!!!  Like one of my friends said, it’s quite lame…go buy your own candy 😀

Forgive us, any of our city-dwelling-adult-trick-or-treating-readers…we country-dwelling-non-trick-or-treating-farmgirls aren’t trying to be mean, we just don’t understand 😀


As we were finding a place to park, I said, “Watch, people are going to think that we are trick or treating!”

Sure enough, we were walking through the parking lot when a man in a little red car waiting for a parking spot hollered, “Hey!  Is this Halloween?  or is this real?”

“This is real”

“Okay, just checking.”

Thank you for checking…we don’t want candy…we’re on a diet.  Excuse us, we’re going to Coldstone now.  😀


Then as we walk on the sidewalk to Coldstone, we notice disco lights shining out of a store, onto the sidewalk in front of us.

Listen closely, now…this is why you should never, ever let your mother take you to the big city.


{photo credit nope, we didn’t get to see Chicago like this}


She noticed the disco lights and said, “Cuute!”.

AT the same time a guy walked out of the store. 😯   😀


Then after we passed him she said, “That wasn’t great timing!”  and we all burst out laughing and began to tease her and tell her that we weren’t bringing her to the city again 😀

Actually, you should let your mother take you to the big city…it’s lots of fun.  However, I do not recommend that you encourage her to call a random stranger, cute.

In case some of you are worried…Mommy doesn’t think disco lights are cute…she was joking–we won’t be getting any disco lights for our dining room any time soon 😀



We finally made it to Coldstone and got our yummy ice cream.  On our way out the door Susannah overheard someone sitting at one of the tables say, “Wow, they’re tall.”  Which I suppose it probably did seem that way…seeing as how they were sitting down, and well…especially if Susannah walked by them!!!


Then we went home…


…home sweet, sweet, sweet home


where you see cornfields and tractors…



and only kids trick-or-treat. 😉







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Trick-or-Treating T-Tapp Style
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7 thoughts on “Trick-or-Treating T-Tapp Style

  • November 6, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    I’m sitting here giggling… your Mom’s sense of timing sounds so much like something I would do! 🙂 It was so good to finally meet all of you last weekend, now I can easily name everyone in the pictures! 🙂

    • November 6, 2011 at 9:33 pm

      Yes, we got a really good laugh out of that one 😀

      It was so fun to meet you, too! Hope we can get together again!



  • November 6, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    I’ve never laughed so hard at one of your posts! 😆 😆 😆

    When I saw the post title I knew that you had to be joking because I knew you didn’t celebrate Halloween!

    Your mom looks so funny in pants! 😆 You just don’t look right in pants after seeing you on here only wearing dresses.

    I know about the adults! If all adults went trick-or-treating there wouldn’t be anyone to hand out the candy!

  • November 7, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Okay—there are soooo many things I want to say!! Let’s see if I can get them all down.

    I already knew the story, but it was SUCH fun “hearing” it with some pictures too!

    Your Mom DOES look as skinny as dear Teresa!!!

    SUSANNAH!!! I LOVE your expressions. Miss you!

    YAY–Jessica!!! Now you just need a pair of exercise pants and you are good to go—to help Mom get her T-Tapp Trainers Liscense, of course! he he (I’m envious of your t-shirt!)

    Cassia—loved seeing the (my) sock. (Can I call it “mine” seeing as we are working on some togther?)

    Leah–who is the hat for?? Purple, too!

    You all are the best and I love you!!

  • November 7, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    There is nothing like having a craving for ice-cream and HAVING to get it filled! (can you tell I’ve had that craving just a few times myself! lol).

    Let’s face it with the trick-or-treators though…it’s Chicago. On St.Patrick’s day they dye the river green and have people running around dressed like leprechauns!

    • November 9, 2011 at 8:30 pm

      Lol! Very true! And yes, we figured the adult trick-or-treaters were just another strange part of Chicago 😀 Leprechauns?! Yipers! That would be even more strange than the people we saw 😀



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