Okay, this entry has been saved and not posted since before October 20th! (Because of a few people are not filling in their parts: )   So I decided to just do the tags myself and if they want to…they will fill in their part later!  

If they do fill in their parts, this is the code: #1-Jessie, #2-Lyssa, #3-Suzanna, #4-Cassie, and #5-Annie

We got tagged by  Gelpenprincess!!

1. If your dog(s) or cat(s) died would you cry? Yes

2. What is your name in pig Latin?  uzannasay or something like that

3. Are you the only blogger in your house? No

4. What is your ultimate dream car? 3-Yellow Bug  4-One that works fine and takes no gas 😀 


5. If you had any wish, only one, what would it be? 3-a llama!!(or two:) 4-Grand piano would be nice 5- Mini teacup piglets.

6. In 100,000 years if your alive how old will you be? 100,0something

7. Did you enjoy this tag? Yes


8. Is this tag too short or long? Perfect

9. Who will you tag? anyone who wants to do it


 Tag #2   I don’t remember who tagged us with this one! 

Here are the rules:

 Post the rules on your blog.

Write six random things about yourself.

Tag six-or-so other people at the bottom of your post-

And leave comments on their blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve written the post.

1.  #3-I have had 4 (or 5) soft mouth appliances, 3 palate spacers (with one in now) and 2 sets of braces (one in now)  and still have really bad teeth  #4-I love books~especaially old ones.

2.  #3-I almost always walk upstairs on my tipp toes  #4-Math is my VERY  favorite subject in school(okay the truth is oppisite of what I just said)

3.  #3-I sleep in really weird postions–all twisted up usually  #4-I share a room with Suzanna.

4.  #3-I love ketchup and chocolate…but not together. A really good combination is peppermint icecream with chocolate drizzled on top!  #4-I wear glasses occasionally. 

5.  #3-My shoulder has popped out of its socket countless times….once was in a 7-foot deep swimming pool!  #4-I am as tall as my oldest sister

6.  #3-I have hit my head on the ceiling a couple of times #4-Can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas to come, (it will be here before I know it)


   And tagged by narnialover95!

Write four things people probably
didn’t know about you.

1.  I have 22 brothers and sisters (almost 23!)

2.  I always wear a watch…I can’t stand going anywhere without one!

3.  I love history

4.  I have seen (all on our property) a red fox and LOTS of racoons and possums…and rats, bats and mice of course!  (Once my sister touched a possum   Accidentally of course : )

Write four things people probably
did know about you.

1.  I groom dogs

2.  I have braces and a palate spacer

3.  I love chocolate

4.  I am over 6 feet tall   

Thank you everyone for wishing us a happy birthday!! 

And thank you everyone who has given us tips on fixing our blog!! 


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Tagged Three Times!
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2 thoughts on “Tagged Three Times!

  • November 7, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    Wow! That's alot of brothers and sisters!

  • November 7, 2008 at 9:11 pm

    22 brothers and sisters! WOW!! I wish I had 22 brothers and sisters!

    Oh and tha last tag you did was one I created!

    God Bless You!



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