Last Saturday a town close to us had a ‘play-it-safe day’.  So all of us ‘kids’ went…at first we did not know WHAT we where gonna do…but soon found a few fun things to occupy  us 🙂

First we saw The  Samaritan Helicopter land, it was SO neat, seeing the force of the blades. They had cones lining where it was to land….those blew away 😉



The helicopter coming in…



And when it left…




Once it landed and the  doors opened, a ton of people swarmed around the helicopter. So we decided to go do something else until most of the people left.



The inside of the helicopter.



Another fun experience, we got to see the inside of a fire truck…and sit inside : )



The ‘Jaws of Life’




Isaiah sitting in the fire truck…















….and Cassia!




The oldest fire truck (engine ) in the world that still pumps water!


All of there levers, buttons and so on.. 🙂  It reminded me of Wayne (the fire fighter on Fireproof )






One of  the best parts was getting to try on a fire fighters helmet and coat….it was quite heavy. He said that once all the gear was on, it weighed up to 100 pounds :-0










We also got to see some K9 police dogs…they are trained in Germany….so all their commands are in German!

Other dogs are trained to smell 1 drop of gasoline, 4 feet deep into the ground, when it had been there for 90 days! They really have a good sense of smell!

A guy got a really bulky suit on, and he was the ‘bad guy’.  The reason he had the suit on was so that when the dog attacked, he wouldn’t get hurt. So here are 2 videos of the dog…attacking 🙂




In this one the dog watches the ‘bad guy’ REALLY close.  If the guy walks where the policeman wants him to, the dog will leave him alone…if the guy tries to run for it, the dog will bite him. It is amazing how well they are trained.





I  took these pictures while waiting for our rubber boat ride!


Us in the boat with the guy who drove it…it was super-duper fun!


Noah and Isaiah got plastic fire helmets…which they really liked!


God Bless!




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Play It Safe Day Fun
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2 thoughts on “Play It Safe Day Fun

  • September 13, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    Very nice post, Anna!

    We should mention that Bekah got to take a ride in a Samaritan helicopter 7 years ago! She doesn’t remember much though–it was after she fell from the barn loft. We’re very grateful for the emergency services and for Samaritan!

    Lovey you!


  • September 13, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    very cool! looks like lots of fun!!! I haven’t watched the videos yet because Faith is asleep on me and I don’t want her to wake up 🙂 but the dogs sound very smart :). It is so funny that the dogs know German 🙂
    Have a good night!


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