To start with I will tell you that it is windy and pouring rain!! We had a late breakfast and so nobody had lunch.  About  3:30  I wanted a snack, and I thought a peach smoothie sounded good, but if I wanted it I would have to go the peach tree and get peaches ( in pouring rain). Or I could use the peaches in the freezer,( no thanks). So I decided to go out  in the pouring rain. My younger sister said she would go with me, so we got our jackets, put them over our heads opened the door………………….. and I realized just jackets would not do . We got some paper bags,tore out places for our eyes, put them on our head and wore jackets (the right way!). We ran out there( remember in pouring rain) went to the peach tree which is a good 200 ft. from the door. Since it  was raining and windy, the rain was pounding on us. We got to the peach tree and most of the peaches were brown.  Great! Now we have to stay out here longer looking for  4 good peaches. The bags on our heads are ripping and getting very soggy, and our skirts were soaking wet. We finally got our peaches and ran back inside,  I thought about changing but decided I would just air dry– my sister did the same I finally got the peach smoothie made, it was delicious………..and yes it was worth it.

I think I will go for now.


(aka Cassie Gene)

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Peach Smoothie Adventure!!!!

2 thoughts on “Peach Smoothie Adventure!!!!

  • September 14, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Mmmmm, peach smoothies that sounds good

  • September 16, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    Oh My Goodness, my friend and I had a smoothie experience. She was over and we had decided that we wanted a smoothie and thought to ourselves, "Oh this will be easy. Mind you we both have a tendency to burn and forget things in our cooking) So, we got all of our ingredients (So we thought) and started blending. Well, we had forgoten water and to put the lid on. Smoothie was EVERYWHERE. (My mom and brother who actually knew how to make smoothies weren't there at the time) We got it cleaned up before they got home though. And then we had cut some cheese to go with our smoothie and by the time we were done with the mess we had created our cheese was warm and we didn't know it. It was the most disgusting cheese I have ever ate.

    Your smoothie story reminded me of that and I just felt I had to share. 😀



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