Lots of baby things were in my crochet bag, but I have them done now 🙂  I’m quite good at starting projects and not finishing them 😛  But I’m just working on my PhD. 😀



{and crocheting}

This is a baby sweater I made for a friend (from our church) who is expecting a  girl and is due in August.  They moved to Florida in June, so our church threw her a quick but very nice tea party/baby shower.  It took me forever (so it seemed) to decide what I was going to give her. The baby shower was on a Friday morning and the Wednesday before I was wandering up and down Jo-Ann Fabric aisles (the perfect place to get inspiration 🙂 ) and decided to make her  a baby sweater. So I bought the yarn and started the sweater on Wednesday evening, worked on it only half of Thursday and finished early Friday morning. Talk about a last minute idea 🙂  This isn’t the only one I’ve done. My first one was made while we were in Florida, in January, and the only hook I had with me was a couple sizes bigger than the pattern called for. So it turned out to be more like a toddler size 🙂 The third one I made was also a last minute idea for another baby shower for someone else in our church. But I had a couple more days for that one 🙂

{Free Pattern}



And this is a Mary Maxim Summer Breeze Baby Dress that I made for a friend’s granddaughter.  I started this one in late May and finished it the middle of June.


The little flowers are so cute! 🙂 This one was fun to make, I’ve never crocheted a baby dress before.


This is Grace modeling the dress for me. Isn’t she adorable? She isn’t the one I made if for, but she was just the right size to model it 🙂

{Photo and modeling credit to Jennifer M. and her adorable daughter, Grace}



This is “Posh Pineapple Doily” from our grandma’s “Pineapple Doilies” pattern book that she gave me.  Another one of those last minute-ers 🙂  Grandma S. had marked in this book all of our names by a doily that she was going to make for us, but she stopped crocheting about a year before she passed away and had only started Jessicas. So I made this one, which is the one Grandma was going to make, for Bekah’s 13 birthday party. I started it Thursday and finished it Friday evening in the midst of all the party preparations. I love pineapple doilies 🙂


My poor hand hurt so bad after crocheting so much…so Cassia gave me several nice hand massages that helped 🙂


And finally…my most recently finished project: Mary Maxim Sugar Spun Baby Blanket.  It is for the same baby that the crocheted dress is for. 🙂


I had fun with the fpdc (front post double crochet) creating a “3D” ish look 🙂  I   haven’t done much of that…so it was fun 🙂  Soon I’m going to attempt a doily that has a lot of that 🙂


I’m so happy with how green the grass is! If only you saw it a week ago! The rain we are getting certainly is helping the poor very brown grass turn green 🙂


My next projects are some that I have already started and will show up on here when they are done: a square pineapple doily and fingerless gloves (that I started when it was cold…ha ha 😉 ).

It might seem that this is all I do, but really, it’s not 🙂  A lot of my crocheting (except my last minute ideas) are mostly done in my spare time of waiting here, there, in the car, etc.  It’s something I really enjoy and am so grateful for Grandma R teaching me 🙂

What are some of your projects?



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Oh Baby…
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  • July 24, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    I ~LOVE~ all the things that you’ve made!!:D You’re so talented! I mostly work on dishclothes and sell them…And when it comes Chistmas time, presents for the cousins.
    P.S. (That baby is sooo cute!) 😀


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