Literally!!!!  This morning was -20 degrees!!!  And here is proof : )



 And here is what we look like when we go out to feed our animals



Well, when I was giving my rabbits water, I noticed one rabbit stayed awfully close to its water bowl for a while.  And its foot was frozen in its water!!!


 I had to run warm water over it for a while before it got loose…poor thing!  And when I was in the garage trying to find a box to put it in (so it’s feet could dry before I put it in the wire cage again) Cassie comes in with a rabbit…and a bowl.  With as much as a glance I thought it was her rabbit and started to tell her what I did to get it loose and then I realized that it was my rabbit!!  Another one to "defrost".   As soon as I took care of that one, she came inside with another one of my rabbits!  Frozen to its bowl of course!!  Later she brought one of my (what is it with my rabbits? Do they just want to come inside where it is warm? ) rabbits in that was frozen to its cage!  And not too long before that I was thinking, "at least none of them are frozen to their cages!" HA!!!   So, below are more pictures of the rabbits (and bowls full of ice) in our bathtub. 




 Very cold! I hope it warms up soon!!  I heard that in this weather, your skin could start to freeze in five minutes!!!     I think that it takes longer than that to feed the animals!! 


Oh yes, I must add (I think that you will get a good laugh out of this!) I can now say, that goat replacer -not milk!!!- does not, I say DOES NOT taste good!!!  I have finally tried it out! But not on purpose of course!! I’ll explain: Last night in freezing temperatures, I made up goat replacer to feed my baby goats. Out in the barn I fed one and then set it up on a shelf to take care of something else.  And returning to it, I tried to feed the other baby goat.  She would not drink it! She would just start and then stop. Strange, because she is always drinking her share as fast as she can go.  Then, I noticed that the top was frozen! I shook it, squeezed it, but no milk! I then breathed on it (close, mind you!!!) to melt it. It worked quite well because suddenly (with all of the pressure I put on it squeezing and shaking) it squirted a fast stream right into my mouth!!!  UGH!!!  I spit out as much as I could, but that did not take care of it!  Then, I ran inside holding my mouth and headed right to the bathroom to rinse my mouth so I could breath…and everyone was wondering what in the world was going on!!  A couple of my sisters thought that my nose or mouth froze!     


Okay, enough for now,  with one million things to still do, I need to go!!! : )



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2 thoughts on “IT’S FREEZING!!!

  • January 16, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Those poor bunnies! And I'd imagine that the gout replacer stuff DOES taste bad! LOL! It has been very cold here too! This morning it was about 20! My mom had to take my dad to work in our van that DOES NOT HAVE HEAT! She almost got frost bite, literally!

    God Bless You!



    I love reading your blog! Y'all have such a pretty way of writing! Have y'all thought about writing stories?

  • January 16, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Oh! Those poor rabbits!

    Goet Replacment? Yuck…….



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