It just hit me the other day that I am leaving in 4 months.

But I’ll start from the beginning!

I’ve always wanted to do mission work, something God placed in me since I was little. It just felt ‘right’.

Well, 2 years ago, I went down to Guatemala on my first trip, to Casa Bernabe, (, for 1 month.

And now that I’m out of school,and not planning on going to college at the moment, I wanted to be open to what He had for me.

Then it opened up for me to go back to Guatemala, only this time for 5 months. I’ll be leaving January 1st-June 1st 2017.

I’ll be back at the same orphanage, and planning on helping in the baby home. And while I’m down there, I’ll be giving updates on my blog HERE. (just so I can keep all the posts together!)

And I want to ask you to be a part of my journey, to be apart of what God is doing in these people’s lives and how He is working here on earth!

I wrote more about it on my fundraiser page HERE.

But above giving, I’m asking you to please pray for this trip and for me. Prayer can make such a huge difference, and it would be such a blessing to me. Pray:

•That I would keep an open heart to learn and be taught
•That God would be at work at Casa Bernabe and in these kids’ AND volunteers’ lives
•For my spiritual and physical strength.
•For safety
•But mostly…that God would be glorified through everything that happens!






























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Guatemala (again)
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3 thoughts on “Guatemala (again)

  • August 24, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    Praise the Lord! This is so exciting!! I’ll pray for you as the time to leave will arrive quickly!

  • November 21, 2016 at 11:46 am

    I think that’s awesome you’re going on a mission trip! Some day I would like to as well! : ) Are you still taking donations? If so, how can I give something? ~ Lauren

    • November 21, 2016 at 12:59 pm

      Hi Lauren,
      I hope that someday you will be able to!
      And yes, I am taking donations. I have a donation page,
      here. or if you’d like to do it through Paypal, I can email you.
      But thank you so much, your comment was encouraging ^_^


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