Remember when the Big Potato met our Big Egg?  Every year our town has an Egg Festival and parade during the end of May/first part of June.  Little kids can run for the ‘Miss Chick’ and ‘Mr. Rooster’ contest and they dress up and ride in the parade.

And of course all the emergency vehicles come through first 😀  The emergency services have a special place in our hearts…they were there when Rebekah fell from the barn loft eight years ago and had to be airlifted, they were there half a year later when a man on drugs hit Daddy’s truck, and he would have been airlifted had not the weather been bad.  Then they were there again when our barn caught fire five years ago 🙂

A parade wouldn’t be a parade without them 😉

This float was by a daycare and was one of our favorites  🙂  They even had ‘fireworks’ of confetti that shot off.


 The ‘Chicken Drop’.  I’d heard of it but this was my first year to see it.  You buy a ticket with a number on it and if the chicken leaves a dropping on your number, you get to win a chicken, money, both…I forget all the details 😀

They used to do an Egg Drop.  The contestants wrapped an egg in whatever kind of packaging they could, then the packages were dropped from the top of the two story Farmers State Bank.  Whoever’s egg didn’t break open won 😀

Then the restaurant serves eggs in multiple ways and everything in town is all about eggs (and chickens)!

Later that day we all went fishing.  This was the first time our whole family went on a fishing trip, and it was the first time Leah, Susannah, Cassia and I had fished ever.  Daddy had taken the other girls and the boys a couple of other times this year.

 I had some very interesting casting issues!  I had never cast before in my life, and I didn’t even get to practice in the yard like my brothers did, so they were laughing at me quite a bit 😀  It went behind me, it went across other people’s lines, once it smacked down in the mud right in front of me, and it took me a long time before I got the hang of it 😀   In the picture below I had just succeeded in getting my line wrapped around the little wire fence in front of us…oh brother!

I had caught a fish, but lost it before I was able to bring it up, and somebody caught Anna giving me a high five for catching one (even though it got away!)

We took so many random, funny pictures 😀

Daddy was so kind as to bait our hooks for us at first

The little fishing pros

Isaiah caught on camera (and Bekah and I trying to untangle our lines!)

Isaiah realized he was on camera and naturally started hamming up!

 Susannah caught the first fish of the day 😀  It was a good thing, because the poor girl kept getting her worms stolen by the fish without them biting good enough for her to pull them in.  Once she said, “What do they think I am?!  Meals on Wheels?  Okay, Meals on Hooks?”  I said, “No, they think you’re Meals on Reels!”

Daddy referred to the fruitless attempts as ‘drowning worms’.  When it was almost time to go he told us, “Go drown one more worm, then it’s time to go!”

Leah caught a Bluegill, too 😀

Noah is putting Susannah’s worm on, and I’m trying to put on my first worm.  It was more ‘disturbing’ than I thought it would be!

  I had never seen a worms guts before, and neither had I seen one poop (sorry!).  That wasn’t the worst of it for me though.  The worst part was that the worm was wriggling and writhing as I’m killing it, and wrapping itself around my fingers.  How do you keep killing something that is obviously not enjoying the process?! Lol!  I know it’s just a worm, but it was still a weird experience!  I finally got used to it though and could bait my own hooks.


…being goofy!

Leah baiting her hook

She did a good job of it, too 🙂


     Susannah and Anna

Cleaning the seaweed off of my hook

Cassia in the middle of a cast

We fished at a house that Daddy has been working on, and the people who live there are so so nice to let us come fish whenever we like.  They had snacks for us and treated us like we were part of their family 😀

I caught my first fish!  But it was a ‘food fish’…not one for us to eat, but for the bluegill to eat!

Susannah has the best expressions!  She’s inspecting her hook…probably because another fish stole her worm!

Leah caught another one!


A neat picture Charissa took of the fishing rod

We jokingly called this Anna’s ‘moss bass’ 😀

Another random, funny picture!  The angle makes it look like Susannah is going to implant something green into someone’s arm!

I love this picture!

Leah taking the hook out of her fish…

…and putting it back in the water.

 More random pictures!  Susannah waiting to have her hook baited, Bekah drinking her juice, and Daddy watching Leah bait her hook.

Bekah and Anna giving fishing a thumbs up 😀

 Oh those lovely worms!   When I first was trying to bait my hook, Bekah was with me.  I said, “Ohhhh!  It feels SO weird!” and she replied
“I know! And it poops on you and squirts its guts out, and I’m just like, ‘Duuuude! I’m just trying to feed you to the fish!”

 We had just gotten a ton of rain, so the lake was up over the little seawall.  Cassia and Bekah decided to try standing on the seawall in the water.

No idea what this is about, but it’s another hilarious picture of Susannah’s expressions 😀

Bekah with her fish

Bekah pretending to kiss a worm

Anna and Bekah

{funny girls}

Ready to cast

And here’s a fun sequence of pictures of more fun expressions from Susannah

Susannah decided to try baiting her own hook, but she didn’t enjoy it very much 😀

When Mommy teased Susannah that she always had her little brothers bait her hook she said, “But I tried! And my fingers are still tingling from the horror of it!”  😀

But she’s right…she did try 😀

Bekah: I figured out a better way to put the worms on.
Jessica: How’s that?
Bekah: You hook them through the bottom, not the head, then they can’t see the hook coming.
Jessica: And how do you know which side is the head?!
Bekah: You see which way he’s moving and the other end is the bottom.

They told us that you’re supposed to kiss the fish before you throw them back…so Anna posed for a picture 😀

I posed, too 🙂

{Cassia with her fish}

{my first ‘keeper’ fish}

Leah and Bekah caught the last two fish at the very end 😀

We had SO much fun fishing that day!  We only kept 4 that were big enough, and as small as those were it is going to take us about ten more fishing trips before we get enough for one meal for our family 😀

Bekah DID actually kiss her fish…and we got a video of it 😀

  [youtuber youtube=’’]

How about you…would you kiss a fish?!


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{Egg} Festivals & Fishing Trips
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10 thoughts on “{Egg} Festivals & Fishing Trips

  • June 22, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    OOO, that parade looks like so much fun. In the picture right after the one of you cleaning seaweed off your hook Cassia looks like Glory. It is so weird! Must be the glasses. Oh, and one more thing I am not EVER going to kiss a fish and if Bekah ever wants to kiss me I will have to make sure she did not kiss a fish before. 😀 Yucky! Have a great day!

    • June 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm

      Hehe! That’s so funny Cassia looks like Glory 😀 I don’t blame you for not wanting to kiss a fish 😀 -Jessica

  • June 22, 2013 at 6:50 pm

    Bekah….that was absolutely disgusting! 😛

    I loved Susannah’s expressions! 😆

  • June 23, 2013 at 2:39 am

    People in your town eat MOUSE EARS???!!!!!!

    (Please tell me not real ones 🙂 )

    • June 23, 2013 at 6:30 pm

      Lol Rachel! They’re like elephant ears (the deep fried bread coated in cinnamon sugar…not actual elephant ears :D) only smaller 😀

  • June 24, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    Dropping by to see how you are doing 🙂

  • June 24, 2013 at 9:05 pm

    I would not kiss a fish or a worm 😀 I’m not squeamish or anything, it’s just that I have my biology professor’s many tales of fresh water parasites still ringing through my mind!!

    I know what you mean about feeling weird poking through the worm… I had to dissect one (it was anesthetized, but still) and it was so weird. I felt so mean!!

    You guys are so funny together. Keep being awesome!!


    • June 28, 2013 at 11:43 am

      Ewwww…yes! Parasites are gross 😀 Awww…thanks Pindari 😉

  • June 24, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    Bekah kissed a fish? I’m in disbelief! (Although I just witnessed the video). 😯

  • June 30, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    LOL! Looks like you ladies had a great time! Thanks for posting. I always love to see what you girls are up to. ~ Sarah


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