My sister has chicken pox, and I really hope to get it ( I know that sounds kind of  funny) but I want it done and over with.  We have  been canning a lot these past weeks and I really like to can, but sometimes it can get kind of crazy .

I like to read the Bible and my favorite book is Obadiah . I named one of my baby goats  Obadiah!  He is getting so cute and big.  We name our goats from the map and out of the Bible and some music composers. I have 3 goats and 5 rabbits of my own. I like to do school  and some times math I like handwriting best. I play violin, and  three of my sisters do too.Two of my 6 sisters play harp, and two of them play cello.  My sisters Jessie Elisabeth and Lyssa Jane got a new room! we added on last year, and so they are painting it with roses and lilacs.  We had a cook out last night and had yummy home made ice cream  It is nice not having to work on Labor Day, although I like to do my work 

My two little brothers like to watch their toy cars’ wheels go back and forth. I am so glad I could post because I LOVE to write and type.  Well I better go for now .

                                                ~*~  Annie Kay~*~





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By Annie Kay

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  • October 8, 2008 at 9:07 am

    I added you to my firends list. Will you add me?



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