Today was very busy! We started canning four bushels of pears around 10:30a.m. and finished…well…not yet.   We also made about 23 pints of pear butter! (As in yummy and whew!…not sticking out my tongue because its gross. I’m not sure exactly what its suppose to mean:) Nine more quart jars of sliced pears still need to be canned. Earlier when we were peeling the last pot of pears some friends stopped by and dropped off a five gallon bucket of pears! A few unamed people were not happy about it. : )  So I guess we will just eat those instead of canning them-unless they start to rot. Then? I do not know.  


These last few days Cassie and I have been organizing our room! (Looks like a organized mess right now!) Jessie and Lyssa finished painting the border in their new room (I’ll leave the details for them to tell you) so they moved in a few days ago. So now, Cassie and I can move into their old room so ours can be remodeled! So far only our clothes have made it to the closet.   Our beds and dresser might go in tomorrow depending if Jessie and Lyssa get the rest of their stuff out. So anyway, about organizing…our room is a lot bigger than Jessie’s and Lyssa’s old room so our stuff might not fit! Not very nicely anyways.

I suppose I should go to bed…it is almost 10:00p.m.     Good night!


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A busy day!

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