These two first pictures are actually from yesterday…Anna getting her foods project judged.

4H Judging Week: 4



And Noah getting his farm toy scene judged 🙂

4H Judging Week: Day 4



Today they worked on shaving goats…I didn’t get any pictures then, but I hope to get some tomorrow of that 😀

Tonight was the Fashion Review and Awards ceremonies.  Noah won Grand Champion in his division/grade (and was awful cute, I must say!).  He also won Reserve Grand Champion over the whole junior division (grades 3 to 6).  Sorry for the poor image quality…we didn’t bring our good camera and the lighting was hard to take pictures in! 🙂


4H Judging Week: Day 4



Anna with her Pinterest-inspired dress 🙂  Our friend, Ami Pitt, told her that she had to do a twirl on the last spin she was supposed to do…so she did!

4H Judging Week: Day 4




The whole senior division of Fashion Review 🙂

4H Judging Week: Day 4




Afterwards, we stopped by Ritters to get some frozen custard…and it was yummy!

4H Judging Week: Day 4



Tomorrow we will be shaving goats, and washing llamas, getting them ready for check-in at the fair this weekend!








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4H Judging Week: Day 4
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