I was trying to decide if I should count today as the first day, or tomorrow…I decided today, because it was the first day we were all there 🙂


4H Fair Week: Day 1



Today was our annual family reunion with the Smith-Taylor family…Mommy’s side of the family 🙂  I get to be in charge of putting together fun stuff for the kids, which is always enjoyable 🙂

4H Fair Week: Day 1


This little girl, Brooklyn, is adorable 🙂  When they showed up, she came running over to me, gave me a big hug,  and said, “I came BACK!  I love coming here!”  #meltmyheart

4H Fair Week: Day 1


Leah drew this on one of the tablets we have out for the kids to color on 🙂

4H Fair Week: Day 1



As soon as we got back from the reunion, it was time to leave for the fair.  The llama club has a carry-in dinner on Sunday night, so we went there first 🙂  Mommy was up at the goat barn, announcing for the specialty goat show (our goats will be shown tomorrow in the dairy category).

4H Fair Week: Day 1



After we ate, everyone (except Mommy, since she was still announcing) went up to see what they got on their projects.  We usually like to do this together…and the 4-Hers try to wait until Sunday night to find out if they got Grand Champion on any of their projects 🙂

4H Fair Week: Day 1


Isaiah entered a colored pencil drawing into open class (since he’s not old enough to be in 4H yet).  He won grand champion!  He is so happy, as you can tell 😀

4H Fair Week: Day 1



Cassia and I competed in salsa.  I hadn’t looked at it yet when Cassia came up to me and scowled and said, “Your salsa!”  Lol!  So I went and looked, and sure enough…I beat her! 😀  Hers is the top right jar, and mine is the bottom middle jar.  If you can’t tell…we kind of have fun competing against each other.

4H Fair Week: Day 1


All of the lovely cakes…see Bekah’s? 🙂

4H Fair Week: Day 1


I had my FIRST milkshake of the week! 😀


4H Fair Week: Day 1



Here’s the tally sheet that we have taped up in the tack box to keep track 😀  Before we left, I counted up 21 milkshakes.  That is just from being there yesterday and today 😀

4H Fair Week: Day 1


I shall try to remember what everyone got on their projects…I’ll update it later because I’m sure the girls will let me know which ones I missed!



Grand champion: sewing (remember her dress? 🙂 ), and on her gluten-free brownies and frozen casserole (Foods-Baked and Foods-Preserved)

Reserve grand champion: photography



Grand champion: rhubarb pie (Foods-Baked), sewing, and her photography

Reserve grand champion: canned chili (Foods-Preserved)



Grand champion: for her spaghetti sauce and her genealogy project



Grand champion: frozen strawberries (Foods-Preserved), and the apron he sewed 🙂  (I’m so proud of a little brother who sews so well! Maybe he might not always do sewing, but I think it’s great that he’ll have the basic know-how to do it!)

Reserve grand champion: cake decorating


Here’s a short description of the ribbon placings.


First, the judge will decide if you get one of the following:

White-3rd place   Red-2nd place   Blue-1st place    Blue Honor-considered for Grand or Reserve Champion

Each project is divided into grade level divisions, so that each grade level competes against each other and a 3rd grader isn’t competing against a 10th grader.  If everyone in a grade-level does a good job on their project, they can all get a blue ribbon, or a blue-honor, but there is only one champion and reserve champion per division.


Grand Champion: 1st place over their grade level/division

Reserve Champion: 2nd place over their grade level/division


Make sense?!


I am soooooo tired!


So goodnight!


See you tomorrow 😀






P.S. How many milkshakes do you suppose we’ll eat this week?!


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4H Fair Week: Day 1
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