The Last Few Months…

When I was little, everyone used to say that “time goes so much faster as you get older.” And yeah, they were absolutely right! You get more responsibilities and 24 hours isn’t enough time to accomplish everything!

Anyway, all this to say–we’ve obviously been super busy because we’ve abandoned this place. No, I actually forgot about it. Oopsies. 🙂


So here is little update on what each of us has been up to lately:


Gâteau rose

It’s been a really long time since I posted a post on our blog,  so I decided to post what I’ve been up too….baking. The title “Gâteau rose” is french for “pink cake” (yes I am learning french) and that’s exactly what I made, a vanilla cake covered in pink frosting with white flower sprinkles.




For my birthday I got a cake stand, and some of my sisters were trying to figure out why I was so excited about getting it. But if you’re a baker…..I’m sure you would understand it too! 🙂

As you probably already know, Leah is amazing at lettering, so she wrote on my cake stand cover “Let them eat cake.”




I got this recipe from a cook book “Sweet Bake Shop“, it’s the first recipe I made out of it but I already love the whole book!!! The lady who wrote it (Tessa Sam) has a bakery in Vancouver. I have seen pictures of her bakery but I’ve never been to it, but it is SO on my bucket list!! It’s a pretty pastel bakery with pastel sweets. you can visit her website here.

But if you love baking (especially cakes, cupcakes and cookies ) I would totally recommend buying her book!!




And speaking of blogs (were we talking about them?)  I am going to set up my own blog where I’ll post about my baking!!! I’ll post the link here on our blog as soon as I get it finished!

Life is what you bake it and the secret ingredient is always love!



2017 4-H Fair

I know that the 4-H fair was 7 months ago but I thought that you all would like to see how it went and what we did! There are now only four of us in 4-H and next year there will be three! General project judging was 2 weeks before the fair and we had some nights we stayed up late to finish up projects..okay, it was mostly me because I took 14 general projects (and 4 different species of animals!) and waited until last minute to make them! I pulled an all-nighter for making my dress and judging the next day was long! (at least for me)! I was happy to get some sleep between my projects getting judged! 🙂 Charissa and the boys were pretty good about getting their projects done in time!

We all did the fashion revue and enjoyed it! here are some pictures of each of us on awards night modeling for the public.

Isaiah with his aparonDSC08796

Noah with his shirt and pants (he won reserve grand champion in his division!)


Charissa with her dress


me with my dress


I won grand champion in my category and was then able to model at the state fair!!


our awards


this year was my last and 10th year in 4-H and I was selected as one of the top 10 4-Hers out of all the 10 year members!!



The first day of the fair all the barns will compete in several games in one barn and it is called “Battle of the Barns”. This year was the first year that we did it and we had a lot of fun!! Everyone will wear the same style of shirt and will be separated by color of shirt to identify what barn you are participating for, and they used the design that I drew/made for the front of the shirts! (I won 3 different t-shirt design contests last year and they used this design– and must have liked it enough to use it again!;) )

Here is the design:

Bekah's battle of the barns t-shirt design #2


And here we have a picture of our first ice cream of the week/fair! 🙂


On Monday July 10th was the goat show:

Waiting our turn to show!


Noah and Isaiah showing their goats


Me showing my goat (this is one of my 5 that I brought!)

20031899_1199261723511764_1465934127014820489_n (1)


Tuesday July 11th was the llama show:

This is costume class (we had 4 other classes besides this one)  and we don’t have a picture of Isaiah and his llama, but he did Hiccup and Toothless form how to train your dragon!

Noah and his llama Annie as a hunter and a deer


Charissa and her llama Annie (also the one Noah showed, just about everyone had a partner that they shared a llama with) as a baker and a cupcake


My llama Felicity and me as an egyptian pharaoh and queen. Costume class is definitely my favorite and I won overall in this class!!


Another view of Charissa’s and my costumes

All the 4-H llama kids in their costumes. It’s fun to see what everyone comes up with!


The four of us in our costumes


This year I got to lease a cow and show it (which was my first time) and I really REALLY enjoyed doing it! I definitely would have done it all 10 of my years if I could have! 😉 We get to name the cow we show and I named mine Luijzika! (Lu-e-zhe-ka) 🙂 I had a lot of fun working with her at the farm and then the fair!!17

The dairy cow show was Thursday July 13th:

Waiting before entering the show arena



I showed her in her class (I placed 5th…or she did! 😀 ) and then also in showmanship and placed fourth! (there were 9 of us in that class).


Anna told us that if we did goat showmanship she would buy our tickets to ride the ferris wheel at night and so we all did!


(Noah was in another bucket with Jessica and a few friends)


They had a trailer you could practice target shooting in with pellet guns and we did that a few times!

Isaiah and Noah




At the llama tent is where we spent most of  our time (other than the ice cream stand! 😉 ) and one of the nights after the llamas went home a few of us brought our ukuleles and gave a little concert!


We four auctioned off milk buckets and meat ducks but I couldn’t find any pictures of it!


Friday August 4th was when we went to the Indiana state fair so I could model my dress for judging and that was REALLY fun!




After the judging we looked at our other projects that went to state fair as well!

Charissa by her dress


Noah’s red shirt and pants


Charissa’s green beans

my strawberry jam

these stickers are for the frozen preserved foods and Noah’s was for his green beans

Noah’s pretzel

Both Charissa and my needlecraft

this was after the fashion revue judging

We saw this sign when leaving the projects building  🙂



And we visited the llamas on our way out! 🙂




And of course, we had to get ice cream or the day wouldn’t be complete! 😉



And to finish off here are the ribbons we won at the county fair:

Isaiah’s (27)

2030-02-21 21.44.41


Noah’s (27)
2030-02-21 21.33.04

Charissa’s (16)

2030-02-21 20.43.27

And mine (49)

2030-02-21 20.56.13

The fair this year was definitely one of my favorites and I will miss being a 4-Her!! And I think Charissa, Noah and Isaiah had a pretty good year as well! 🙂



Fluffy Snowfall

We just got back from Florida vacation (hopefully it will turn into a post!) and we got a winter weather advisory…school was canceled and I had a free morning to practice a bit of photography. I haven’t really been doing much with it lately.

I love the big fluffy flakes!



My favorite.


Isn’t it beautiful that every snowfall, each flake is different?!


Anna Christina

Cassia’s Adventures in EMS

[names and addresses changed to comply with HIPAA]


I’m in a deep sleep when I’m jerked awake by the sound of my pager “beep beep”. I attempt to lace up my boots while I’m still half asleep and listen to Dispatch  “60-year-old male complaining of chest pain, 1215 Spring Street, your cross streets are Laketon and Southshore.” I roughly know where that is…


I finally manage to get my boots tied, grab my radio and head to the car. I simultaneously turn the car on and look in my rearview mirror, to make sure my hair doesn’t look like I’m related to Einstein, KLOVE starts playing on the radio. What time is it even? As I pull out I tell dispatch I’m en route to the station and glance at the clock “What? It’s only 01:15! I thought I had been sleeping for longer than that…oh well, at least this early in the morning traffic isn’t in my way.”  Stopped at the stop sign I look right, I look left, I start to go and look right again Yikes!!! Where did that big trash truck come from, *slam on breaks*…wake up, Cassia!  I finally make it to the station after the trash truck slowly turns (I really need to get myself a green light, it would be helpful)  my partner is waiting for me in the truck.


“You know where we’re going he asks?”


“Yep,” I try to mumble directions but don’t think I was making much sense because we almost drove past Spring street. “Turn here! Turn here! Okay, the number was 1215…” I peer into the dark to try and help look for house numbers, “1008…two more blocks.” All the while I have our protocols running through my head. “Code 1 routine which translates airway, oxygen if needed, vitals. Give 324 mg baby Aspirin if no allergy to it, assist with their nitro if no contraindications, and place on the heart monitor.” …1211…1213…1215! Oh wait, I know this person.”


We’ve been given instructions from Dispatch on how to get in the house, thankfully the son showed up and unlocked things for us. “Hi there (rats, I can’t remember his name, I’m better with faces than names), what’s going on?  I notice he’s having some difficulty breathing as he tries to explain how and when his pain started, he’s already taken his own nitro. I put him on some oxygen and continue to ask questions and get an idea of what’s going on, my partner gets a set of vitals and puts him on the monitor as I pull out the aspirin. We finish our assessment and as we get him loaded, my paramedics arrive on scene.  “Good morning” I cheerily say to the Medic, obviously feeling more awake now. I tell her what’s going on and what I’ve done so far,  we then work together to get an IV established, run a 12 lead and ask more of the never ending-questions. After we accomplish that we head to the hospital where he can continue to get the medical care he needs, and hopefully resolve the issue.




I’ve been told you guys wanted an update on where I am at in EMS. To give you a small glimpse of what I do, I started out with an actual call I’ve been on but tweaked to meet HIPPA’s rules. 🙂  Not all calls are like this and come in at 01:15 in the morning. In our small rural Volunteer EMS community, we can go several days without any calls, and then slammed one day with 4 calls in 12 hrs! (that’s busy for us!). When you are on call, you have to be ready to go at any time of the day/night regardless of what you’re doing, you could deal with anything from someone having chest pain, to an outright heart attack, small fender bender car accident or the kind where you are requesting for the medical helicopter, to caring for a small infant who just had a febrile seizure. One thing for sure, each call is unique in itself. They will all have similarities, but each will be different.


I really enjoy working with the public, and I love the medical field, so EMS is a perfect fit for me! Some have suggested that I go on to get my nursing, and while I do plan in the far future to do that after getting my paramedic certification, as of now I don’t plan on using it like I do my Medic. Because being stuck in the confines of a cement building is not appealing to me…I love being out on the road, and in and out of the hospitals. However I’ve learned to not say never, you just never know where life will take you!


Last September I made the decision to further my education and go for my Advanced EMT certification, and it is a decision I do not regret one bit! Even though the state of Indiana is making changes the end of this year to where AEMTs can not be utilized like we once were, making our certification more or less almost useless, I still do not regret my decision. I learned so much and expanded my knowledge immensely that even if I cannot use it on the truck, it has made me a better Basic EMT. 🙂


However, with this new certification does open new doors for working in other places than just on the truck. Earlier, I stated that I did not want to be a nurse because being confined to a cement building was not appealing. However, due to my current circumstances, I would be willing to do it for a period of time. Especially since the position I have applied for is phlebotomist which is a new skill I learned and absolutely love, not in a creepy way, but I just enjoy drawing blood. 🙂


I’d love to work for a local paid EMS service but as I stated earlier my current circumstances are keeping me from that. Last year I was having some back issues, to make a long story short, the doctor said I had sacroiliitis (fancy word for inflammation in the SI joint, where the spine and pelvis connect). I was given specific exercises to do and was getting better until I fell at work (grocery store I use to work at but has since closed). That jolted my SI joint majorly and was a ginormous setback. I tried multiple things and was in so much constant pain. While they helped some with my symptoms I felt that it was not taking care of the underlying problem.  I have now been going to a clinic out of Chicago every month that does specialized physical therapy since March, finally found someone that understands what is going on and can actually help me with the underlying problem. While I am making progress, it is painfully slow, much to my dismay since it is holding me back from so much! But I am learning to take each moment and live it instead of waiting to arrive at a certain point in life. No, I would not have preferred this detour and setback, but life is in no way perfect and free from problems. I do however believe that we can change our outlook on our problems, and when we give them to God He can use even the bad things and turn them into good, which I have already seen Him do.


So back to the phlebotomist job, it would be a good in-between for me while I wait for my back to heal. I will have interaction with the public, I’d be all over the hospital including the ER (yay! and I love to walk), I’d be using the newly acquired skill of drawing blood, and I would continue to learn stuff that will be helpful in my medical field career. I’ve had an interview but have not heard back from them yet.


I think in a nutshell, without writing a book, that gives you a glimpse of what I’m up to, in the medical field anyways…but before I go, I must share with you a couple of the highlights from my class because it was such a positive experience! This is not going to do it any justice to show you the extent of everything that we did and learned, but it gives you at least a glimpse of some of my favorite parts.


Holding a deer heart! We cut it open, and also was ventilating the deer lungs…a cool experience to see how it works on the inside!



Learning how to give medications, here we were simulating giving nitro, only we were using breath fresher instead of the real thing.



Oh my goodness! IVs were so so much fun to learn, we often practiced on each other which definitely helped when I went to do them on patients.






One of my classmates and I decided to try starting one on our self, then our teacher had us do it with our non-dominant hand…we were both successful! 🙂




Practicing ventilating, and I’m getting an IV at the same time.




He and I both didn’t mind the needles too much, so we often practiced on each other after the lectures.



This was a fun night, extrication! We sat in the car as the firemen tore it apart so we could see what it is like for our patients.




Then we simulated taking a patient out correctly.



I went to an EMS conference with my teacher, we got to do a moulage class, this was my work. 😀




Our teacher gave us the opportunity to do a presentation for extra credit. I chose Acid/Base.





When studying looked like this, trying to make sense of it all, I questioned my choice of topic…




…But when my finished notes looked like this, it was worth all that time, effort, and brain power I put into it.




And I enjoyed presenting it to my classmates. 🙂




Clinical ride time on the ambulance, and man oh man did I do countless hours! It was a challenge to get the skills in because we were skilled based, not by the number of hours you put in. So it didn’t matter how many hours I put in if I did not get my skills in I could not complete the course. At times it was frustrating because I had the “white cloud” syndrome. I’d show up for my clinical and nothing happened, or nothing that I could get my skills in, then when I left they would start to get busy again. They liked it, I didn’t. 😀




Another challenge was our drug cards. There were around 30 of them and we had to have this list of information on each drug.

Medication name: Generic, Trade, and Official.


Mechanism of action




How supplied


Special Considerations.

I spent several months on mine. :O But the end result was worth it!




Studying is always better when you have ice cream! 🙂




This was a common occurrence. Come home late at night from class and still got chores to do. It wasn’t my favorite, but at this point and time I was not helping out hardly at all around the house due to trying to balance work, class, clinicals and studying, so it was only fair to the family that I help. And I gotta say, they often didn’t leave me with very much. 😉  Helping with dinner dishes is one of my specific chores. When we were a few years younger, we had a rule that if someone wasn’t there for dinner, we went ahead and did their dishes. Well, as we have grown up and started to branch out, it was not uncommon for one person to be stuck with all the dishes, which in a large family after the biggest meal is just not fair to anyone. We changed the rule to no matter how late you’ve been out, either arrange to swap chores with someone or do them when you get home. 🙂

This particular night, we had been practicing IVs again, and I love my MudLove bracelet. I wear it every day because this whole detour with my back has challenged me in many ways!



This particular clinical shift, we were posting and got just a little bored. 😉



Skill testing day!!!! I was SO nervous, but we all made it through and were all smiles at the end of the day, and all breathing a little bit easier.

Here are all the classmates (minus one), with our fabulous and amazing teacher!!!



After passing our skills we have one more step: taking the written test. August 9th I took mine, I was hopeful but a little nervous and had to keep blocking out the nerves! 🙂 However, during the test (you have to go to a professional testing center), I do not sit still well due to my back issues, sitting increases my pain, so I fidget! Well during my test I was like on question #125 of #135, and because I was fidgeting, my foot hit the power button on the computer…I watched the words “system is shutting down” flash across the screen, I. Was. Horrified.  Much to my relief, because it was a testing center they have everything backed up, so they were able to bring it right back to where I had left off! *huge sigh of relief*


This class was so much fun, I love love love learning how the human body all works together, it’s incredible how we are made! While it was fun, it was also challenging, but I definitely grew through those challenges and with time I will face the next challenge of Paramedic and onto nursing!

For now, I need to focus on getting my back better. But there is one thing is for sure…whatever you are facing, pursuing, and trying to achieve, but everything possible that could go wrong is going wrong…You have a calling to walk into…Don’t. Ever. Ever give up!



|| 6 months back in Guatemala ||

Life has been so busy, as always. But even so more that I’ve started school, and I am finally finding time to sit down and write about my 6 month mission trip to Guatemala the beginning of this year.


To start out with, I never thought I would be going back to Guatemala in the first place. I didn’t know something could take so much room in your heart without you even realizing it!

But Guatemala did. And I know it is there for life!

I left January 2. First time flying all by myself. Traveling by myself, and it was awesome! I stayed at the same orphanage I was with 4 years ago. And when we pulled into the driveway at 3 in the morning, the familiarity of it all, I knew I was where I belonged.



FullSizeRender (115)

13 acres, and a place where children are loved and cared for. Where they have families, where they area able to get an education in the school, where other people believe in them. In their dreams. In their future. And where they are brought up in the love of Christ. Their maker.

It was truly an amazing time to get to serve those lives.


Within the first 10 minutes of talking to me, you will learn one thing. And that is how much I love Guatemala! Maybe I talk about it too much, but the culture, the people, the land. It feels like home, and deep inside I know this is where I belong!! I’ve not had culture shock going there, but it is always coming back to North America.

I love the simplicity of life, the relaxed style, but one thing I had a bit of trouble with at first was the time. Okay, we are leaving at 8:30. So, like an American, I’m there at 8:30 on the dot. By the time we actually leave, it’s 9! One time I got to an event half an hour late, that started half an hour late! ^_^ So now that I am back home, my sisters ask me how long I’ll be and I’ll reply “give me 5 minutes” and they ask, is that a Guatemalan 5 minutes?!


Guatemala, where you see some of the most interesting ways to transport your things. Once I saw a couple of big cattle in the back of a tiny pickup struggling up the hill!!


What all American’s call the chicken bus. But it is just the city transportation. To ride it, you have to be quick to get on and off, and as soon as your on, hang on to something now because they are going to step on the gas really hard, then slam the breaks for the next stop! Oh, and there usually is not room to sit. and barely to stand!


I got to go into the market with my friend, and I loved the experience! All the diversity, how people display their goods, their hard work. Going about life, trying to make a living. There is the open market, then the “inside” market. Two story building, kind of like our 2 story parking garages. open air. We went to one shop where he has a hog up on a meat hook. We order our cut, it has probably been hanging there all day. But it is a huge privilege to be able to buy the meat!


The lower part was the home I stayed in. The upper level was another home. My main reasoning to go to Guatemala was to serve in the home with the babies/toddlers.  How can one end up taking so much room in your heart? We normally had around 11 kiddos. 4 on bottles. one 15 days old. Another 6 days old.


Such tiny and vibrant life i’m holding in my hands. Such a tiny and beautiful miracle…wow.


The daily walk up the stairs…110 to be exact! I counted up that I walked about 500 steps a day. And that was on the lower side!


FullSizeRender (67)

With First Grade as their teacher for part of the day.
One of my other jobs, one that I was not intending to have was helping in the school in the mornings. On my first day as I was walking to school, I was reminding God how I was not fit or cut out to help the teachers. Hardly anyone spoke English there, and I knew only a little bit of Spanish.


But He knew (like always!) exactly what He was doing. It fit right into His plan and didn’t surprise Him a bit! Through working at the school I made so many friends. With the teachers. With the kids. I came to know them as individuals, not just a group of kids. I saw the personalities. And, that is where my Spanish vocabulary grew from 70-a lot of words!

And not only this, but He was awakening something inside of me. A dream, a passion to see more education availability for those who can’t access school. Or can not afford it. It was apart of His plan all along and I am so thankful!


21With Prepa

24And with Pre-K. I got the opportunity to sub for both of these classes. It is such a beautiful thing to watch them learn.





Playing with my ‘family’. Or rather, watching them play! I can’t tell anyone just how much I love these little humans. Their nature, tiny little personalities blossoming and growing. The way they go about their play and the imagination! wow!




Each night the girls I worked along side with as well as my house family took turns each night. Sunday night was  my ‘night shift’. When you get about 3 hours of sleep in between 4 bottle feeding schedules, when you get to pray over the tiny yet strong life in your arms. Hearing them breath, watching them sleep!

FullSizeRender (15)

FullSizeRender (41)

FullSizeRender (9)


I love these guys so much! All of our little mini dance parties, tickle fights, snuggles, tears, laughter, sleepless nights, 5 of them piling on top of me and thinking it was the greatest thing ever to jump on me. And even the most simplest of things like chasing the ball around the soccer field for an hour, brushing teeth or taking the time to persuade one that their food really was delicious!

It’s those moments that make the memories you remember later. The times of bonding and loving. Even when it’s hard. so.hard. God gives grace in those moments to keep your love on!




‘my’ girls! I would sit down and they’d all come and sit in my lap…and it became a thing that every time Anna sat down, they’d all come and plop down!!  And when one got a piggy back ride “horse” as they called it, the rest wanted one too!

And they never got tired of it!IMG_6065

Jumping rope with my beautiful friends! We would try and beat the amount the other person could jump the rope.

IMG_5721 (2)

During my time in Guatemala, I got to meet one of my mom’s friends who lives and does mission work there. I got the privilege to spend a few Saturday’s with them, and one of those times, we went to the zoo. Where, for Q.10 (a little over $1) I got to feed the Giraffe!


I don’t know…I made friends every where I went 😉


My last day there, at the school, all 4 grades that I had helped in got together with the School Principle and the teachers and had a little ‘despedida’ (farwell) for me. They completely made leaving 20 harder.

I miss my work there. Going to school and having little hands take yours, little random hugs, (sometimes big group hugs!!) They taught me such a small but huge lesson well. To give. Just give! Selflessly. With no gain in mind. for pure love for that person. And with joy in your heart….give!



I know there are so many other stories I could tell you, it’d be even longer of a blog post and you might get bored;) But I wanted to share a little bit of this time and adventure with God. So many times, over and over, He has reminded me of how good He is, and how FAITHFUL! It is so overwhelming to me looking back and seeing all the times He was right there. Holding me through the tears, rejoicing in the laughter and the triumphs in life.

His plans are beautiful.


-Anna Christina


Haiti (again?)

Yes, again. Seriously, you can’t keep me away from there 🙂 I went for my third time a month ago and regret nothing (meaning one of my classes suffered because of it). I have been eager to return to Haiti since my two trips in 2015, but midwifery school has prevented that. Due to other circumstances, I took the summer off from school and decided to take this opportunity to go back to Haiti!

I flew out of Indy with Whitney, one of our 10 team members. We were all scheduled to fly out of Atlanta together to Port Au Prince. I had been up since 3 that morning for us to catch our flight and when we were all boarded and ready to go, they announced that there would be a delay due to mechanical issues which was a button that was “required to work to fly the plane” wasn’t working so they glued it but then informed us that wasn’t FAA approved so they had to fly a part in from Atlanta. Super glue, people! They told us they used super glue. *gulp*

Our flight ended up being two hours late which caused us to miss our connecting flight. To say I was freaking out would be an understatement! 3 hours of sleep + miss a connecting flight = disaster 🙂

But, it turned out to be okay (imagine that?!). The day turned out to be a fun adventurous day! We met two guys who were also flying to Haiti and ended up spending the rest of the day in Atlanta, GA with them exploring, eating, and just having fun! Our flight out of Atlanta was the next day and we met the rest of our team in Port Au Prince and the week went on as scheduled. I was bummed that we missed going to church on Sunday in Haiti since that turned out to be the day we did most of our traveling, but I’m glad we had that “cushion” day do we didn’t miss any of the week’s activities.


{exploring downtown Atlanta, GA}


{Whitney, Bobby, Jeff (aka “Dad”… he introduced himself as dad because he was basically babysitting us 😀 ), and me}



So once we finally arrived in Port Au Prince and survived getting through the airport (which is no picnic!), we boarded the bus…



…and finally got to meet the rest of the team that we would be spending the week with!

bus 2

The bus broke down which caused us to arrive at our final destination really late that night. (I think it is time to start scheduling in time to allow the bus to break down, cause it seems to happen every time 😀 )

carrying bags

Monday was our first full day in Haiti which was VBS day 1 for the kids!

It was awesome having so many eager helpers to carry all our heavy bags!

carrying bags 2

We had two days of VBS for the kids that consisted of coloring, snacks, bubbles, outdoor games, and a Bible lesson and craft.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, shoes


On the first VBS day I was on coloring duty. And on day 2, Whitney and I were on lesson and craft duty 🙂

W teaching

We took turns giving the lesson, teaching through a translator, talking to them about the Fruits of the Spirit.

haiti 8

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling


haiti 17


{showing off her bracelet that she made during craft time}


They thought it was great fun to have me read all their name badges. I imagine it was great entertainment hearing me try to pronounce their names 😀

haiti 5


Monday evening was a graduation for the moms in the in level 1 literacy class:


Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

Wednesday (day 4) was a topsy turvy day that didn’t go as planned. It was supposed to be a vaccine clinic day, but we weren’t brought the right amounts and kinds of vaccines. So it turned into a mini clinic/check out the moms and babies kind of day.


baby check up

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

That afternoon we took a motorcycle ride and got to enjoy some beautiful views of the mountains!

moto 2

My motorcycle ride partner, Emmalee 🙂


haiti 18


haiti 3


Thursday (day 5) was teaching classes to two groups of women. Morning classes were for the moms of newborns/infants/toddlers, and the afternoon classes were for the currently pregnant moms (I taught some of the morning classes):

haiti 7

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

No automatic alt text available.

{teaching them how to care for their new cloth diapers}

diaper teaching


haiti 15


We had a little bit of an obsession with climbing up on the roof 😀


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

Several of us were afraid of this ladder, but climbed up anyways 🙂

Image may contain: outdoor

The view from the roof was stunning!! view 3sunrise

{the cooks “kitchen” in the background}


{our bathroom which is basically a cement hole 🙂 }


{the house we stayed at to the left}

haiti 12


The view of the back of the church. This building has come a long way since I was last here when it was just a roof on poles!!

Image may contain: house, tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature

Common view of transportation…

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

This was our shower, which is quite the upgrade from last time I was in Haiti! This shower was INSIDE (vs. last time it was outside in the same little “building” as the “toilet”)! But we still had to dip water out of the bucket…

No automatic alt text available.

How adorable is this baby?

haiti 14

SERIOUSLY?!?! <3 <3

haiti 13

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{LOVE ’em babies!!!}

haiti 11

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This guy was just outside my bedroom. We also had one in the shower, and another by the head of my bed. Yikes! We also had cockroaches in the house, but I’ve dealt with those before. But scorpions? This was a first.

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{the walk back to the house from the church}

walk to house-horse

{the walk to the church}

walk to church

{one of our 3 translators…church bathroom in the back 😀 }

haiti 4

{the front porch}


{during down time I loved sitting on the porch with the Haitians just talking and getting to know them, or attempting to talk because there wasn’t always a translator there!}

front porch

{I’d often catch the kids feeling my skin 🙂 }

haiti 10


food 2

{I loved all of the food!}


{my boys}

haiti 16


{we had an AWESOME team!! I love every one of these girls!}

haiti 2


We spent a night at a resort on the way back to Port Au Prince…that was a refreshing time for reflecting on the week!


And that, my friends, concludes my Haiti story. If you would like to learn more about the organization I went with, you can check them out here: Breath of Life Haiti. They also have a Facebook page, Breath of Life Haiti where you can check out the new design of the birthing center that they are fundraising to build down in Haiti!!


I will no doubt jump at the next opportunity to return! I love this country and these people!! <3






(Congratulations! You just read the Seven Sister’s first post in 6 months! But this is to say that I promise that you didn’t die and go to heaven, you are very much still on earth wishing for more fabulous content. Comment what specifically you’d like us to post about and I’ll try to bribe the sisters to write a little something…) 😀

Adventures With A Pilot

(This post was actually from about a year ago…Anna wrote it all up, and then for one reason or another, we never posted it.  Enjoy 😉 )

So since Jessica has her pilots license, she’s taken a few of the family members for a ride, and this past Saturday, she took Bekah, Charissa and I 🙂

Jessica was getting a few things, so I had Charissa pose for me



And while we were still waiting…Samaritan Helicopter took off 🙂 That was pretty cool!




Charissa asked Jessica how heavy the plane was, and if she took it out of the hanger all by herself. So once we got there, we three tried very unsuccessfully to move the plane a tad. It didn’t work out to well, so we just let her do it lol.








I absolutely love takeoff. The flip in your stomach as the plane lifts off the ground. It’s a pretty cool feeling! ^_^









We flew to a town about half and hour from us (probably like, 10-15 min flying!) landed at their airport then took off again.


Our pilot 😉






Love the reflection of the trees on the ice.


The crew. Can you tell we were happy to be in the air? 😉


That white barn down in the lower right corner? That’s our property! It’s so fun seeing everything so tiny 🙂 Esp. our town, I knew it was small, but when I saw it from the air…I realized just how small it was.














And once we landed, and taxied and all that other good stuff I don’t know what it’s called 😉 She had us help put the plane back in. Bekah and Charissa went to either side, so I asked her “what do you want me to hold?” She was like “just hold your camera” 😉 hehe!





..and me 😉 Jessica got this cool picture.